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How do you create an empowering environment for educators while also holding them accountable for their responsibilities? For many leaders, finding the right balance can be one of the most challenging obstacles to creating a high-performance culture. On one hand, if you push accountability too much, people may feel demoralized. On the other hand, if you support people too much, they may become complacent and not grow.

What is the way out of this dilemma? There is no simple black or white solution. The good news is that finding that balance starts with a new perspective. CCL has spent decades helping leaders creatively apply new lenses to challenging dilemmas such as this.

In this webinar, we will share the best practices we’ve learned that can turn this predicament into a power source for teams and educational organizations.

You will discover:

  • The surprising truth about how easy it can be to strike a balance between support and accountability
  • That, regardless of your personal leadership preferences, you are well suited to effectively strike this balance
  • Why high performers benefit as much as, or more than, low performers from these practices
About The Presenters

Marin Burton

As a Senior Faculty member for the Societal Advancement Division within the Center for Creative Leadership, Marin specializes in leadership program development, design, and facilitation with an intentional focus on engaged pedagogies. She leads the team’s work in organizational leadership initiatives aimed at incorporating leadership development into the organizational culture. In her facilitation role, she brings energy and intentional focus to training and development in experiential and engaged teaching methodologies, as well as attention to leadership development for individuals and groups. She is a core team member for CCL’s work with individual school leadership initiatives, youth leadership initiatives, and state-wide principal initiatives.

Marin’s academic background reflects her passion for meaningful leadership education. Marin earned a B.A. in Communications with a Business Minor from the University of Wisconsin and a M.S. in Educational Leadership and Experiential Education from Minnesota State University. Marin earned a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Cultural Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her academic work explored the philosophy of experiential education and how its practice can work toward aims of social justice.

Michael DePass

Michael serves as a Faculty member at the Center for Creative Leadership. Michael has worked for over 15 years supporting leaders of corporations, school systems, and nonprofit leaders develop as leaders and transform the organizations they lead.

Michael is a well-rounded executive with ten years of experience incubating and growing social sector startups in a competitive fast growth entrepreneurial setting, three years of management consulting experience with the global consulting McKinsey and Company, and five years of research and leadership roles with a focus on African international development. Michael has worked in a wide range of sectors ranging including metal packaging, metal smelting, automotive, textile manufacturing, and packaged meats; as well as a number of USAID funded projects in Africa and the Caribbean. As a management consultant, Michael specialized in large scale network transformations based on lean manufacturing principles and system-wide human capital upgrading.

Michael received his Masters of Business Administration degree from Harvard University, Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Virginia, and a second Bachelor of Theology degree from Hope Bible College.

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