Elevating Executive Leadership Culture With Vertical Development

Elevating Executive Leadership Culture With Vertical Development

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Duration: 1 hour

About the Webinar

Rapid, disruptive change has become the reality for organizations around the globe. The shifting threats and opportunities are connecting and converging in ways never seen before — and require that leaders lead in a new way.

Leadership in this dynamic environment requires more than individuals managing operational systems, structures, and processes. Instead, leadership today requires a fundamental shift to grow bigger collective minds and align culture and strategy — because the relationship between culture and strategy is critical in organizational change and transformation. We call this fundamental shift in how leaders see the world and take action “vertical development.”

In this webinar, we’ll explain the concept of vertical development and share real-world examples of how it can elevate strategic awareness, develop both/and mindsets, and improve responses to complex, high-stakes organizational dilemmas. These case studies will include a variety of applications, ranging from how one company broke down silos to improve supply chain management to how improvements in agile decision-making increased public awareness. You will learn:

  • How vertical development improves organizational outcomes by elevating and shifting the beliefs and practices of leadership culture,
  • How elevating leadership culture creates more responsive teams with improved strategic capabilities, and
  • What executive teams do better when using a vertical development orientation.

Whether you’re an advisor to executives, an executive yourself preparing your organization for transformation, or a senior HR leader seeking to seriously accelerate the performance of senior leadership teams, in this webinar, you’ll find provocative ideas and concrete examples to explore how vertical-ready leadership culture enables organizations to meet future complex challenges and opportunities.

Foster vertical development for leadership culture with customized leadership development tailored to your organization’s unique context and culture.  

About the Presenters

John B. McGuire

John B. McGuire
Senior Fellow
Center for Creative Leadership

John McGuire is one of our Senior Fellows, specializing in Change Leadership. He is an international authority on leadership culture and organizational transformation and co-founder of our Organizational Leadership practice. As a researcher-practitioner, John’s innovation essentially reforms traditional change methods to be consciously driven through the senior leadership’s culture, beliefs, and practices.

Charles J. Palus, Ph.D.

Charles J. Palus, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow, Senior Research Faculty
Center for Creative Leadership

Charles Palus (Chuck) is a Senior Fellow and faculty member in research here at CCL. He is a designer, facilitator, and researcher in our Organizational Leadership practice and is one of its co-founders. Chuck specializes in vertical development, leadership culture transformation, mediated dialogue, and societal leadership.

Cheryl Flink, Ph.D.

Cheryl Flink, Ph.D.
Former Global Director, Research & Evaluation
Center for Creative Leadership

Cheryl Flink has served in a number of executive positions overseeing strategy, analytics and research, marketing, and professional services. By linking data, technology, and analytics to strategy, product development, and business execution, she has enabled organizations to find new market opportunities, improve revenue and cost drivers, and leverage data to address organizational challenges. She led our Global Research &  Evaluation team, Leadership Analytics practice, and the Knowledge Management function.

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