Organizational Leadership Culture

Drive Organizational Culture Change to Support Your Business Strategy

Leverage leadership and culture to accelerate your organizational performance.

Culture isn’t an accident. It’s forged by connected, aligned leadership to support the company’s business strategy.

And when the strategy changes, culture must change too — because culture is what makes strategy happen. You wouldn’t rely on outdated, obsolete software to run your company. Why would you rely on outmoded mindsets, beliefs, or behaviors?

You may need to strengthen, transform, or build on your existing culture to support your strategy.

We can help ensure your organizational culture helps, not hinders, alignment, and help you decide whether you have the right culture for your strategy. Because in the end, it’s not about what culture you want, it’s about what culture your strategy demands.

Drive the Organizational Culture Change You Need

Are Your Leadership Culture and Strategy in Sync?

It’s easy to revise an org chart and restructure your hierarchy. But revising mindsets, behaviors, and attitudes — in other words, your organization’s leadership culture — is much tougher. 

Organizational culture change may be needed to help you achieve your goals through connected, aligned leadership. We can help you create the culture you need to effectively execute your business strategy and move your organization forward.

Our Proven Approach to Organizational Culture Change

Our approach to organizational culture change is holistic, and has 3 distinct phases, each with measurable outcomes:

  • Phase 1: Define a clear landscape for success, with current state identification and gap analysis.
  • Phase 2: Use connected, aligned leadership to drive adoption of new mindsets and behaviors
  • Phase 3: Transition to a strong, sustainable culture, specifically designed to support your business strategy and assess against the baseline to measure progress. 

With 50 years of experience in the field, our expertise is rooted in rigorous research, and we go deeper than other management and leadership development companies to help you make your organizational cultural change sustainable for the long term.

Maybe you’ve already started to make a significant organizational change, but are not seeing the results you expected. Talk with us. We’ll meet you where you are.

What Our Clients Are Saying

At CCL, we measure success by lives touched and impact made. That’s why the organizations we work with and the leaders we transform consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with us is a game-changer. We’ve helped to transform the leadership and culture at many organizations around the globe.

But don’t just take our word for it — take theirs.

“The leadership culture at KONE is absolutely changing as a result of our work with CCL. I think our partnership works because it’s a true partnership. We have worked together to develop, explore, and invent the approach that made the most sense for KONE … We’ve co-developed a process and the thinking behind creating a leadership culture that fits our business.”


Vance Tang

Former CEO 
KONE Americas

“New beliefs gave us the possibility of having a common ground where we could start to talk and start to see ‘How are we fitting together?’

… It’s easy to connect the beliefs and behaviors to our daily reality.”


Massimo Minaudo

Country Manager, Italy

Talk to Us About Your Organization’s Leadership and Culture

Our experts are here to help. Let’s have a conversation about organizational culture change for your organization.

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