Culture that Makes Strategy Happen

Culture. It eats strategy for breakfast or lunch. If you don’t pay attention to culture, your strategy won’t be implemented correctly. CCL looks at how culture helps or hinders alignment. And we ask you questions: Is this the right culture for your strategy? Is your culture the right one for you to execute your strategy? But how do you know your strategy needs that? What’s going to differentiate your culture?

Then we talk about leadership culture, geographic culture, company culture, and pockets of culture. It’s a lot of culture, but culture is what makes strategy happen and we want to ensure there is a clear link between your culture and your strategy. Because in the end, it’s not about what culture you want, it’s about what culture your strategy demands.

What we do

CCL transforms culture through connected, aligned leadership.  We help you benchmark your current culture and create a plan for taking it to a new level. We’ll help you understand whether your existing culture can support more innovation and collaboration, what barriers there might be to success and how to address those challenges.

Our process

Our approach has three distinct phases, with distinct measurable outcomes:

  • Culture and leadership current state identification and gap analysis
  • Influencer adoption of new mindsets and patterns of behavior
  • Assessment against the baseline to measure progress and support culture change

Maybe you’ve already started to build a culture to optimize your business strategy, but are disappointed with the results.  Talk with us.  We’ll meet you where you are.


It’s easy to revise an org chart. But revising mindsets, behaviors and attitudes — in other words, your culture — is much tougher.

As organizations adapt to changing market conditions and seek to innovate, they put new demands on employees at all levels. What people believe about those demands determines how they respond to them.

Our clients have found that culture isn’t an accident. It’s shaped and forged by connected, aligned leadership to support the company’s business strategy. And when the strategy changes, culture must change too. You wouldn’t rely on outdated, obsolete software to run your company. Why would you rely on old mindsets, old beliefs and old behaviors?


Unlike many firms in the culture transformation space, we focus on connected, aligned leadership development to change culture. It’s the key driver, and has been our specific area of expertise for over 40 years.

We know how to analyze culture on a deep level to find out not just what culture our clients want, but what culture their strategy demands. Then we work with them to develop the beliefs, behaviors and practices that transform their culture to effectively power their business strategy.

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