Developing a World-Class Executive Team

The ability of your executive leadership team to work together effectively to drive change and execute strategy across the business may be the most critical element in your organization’s success.

The uniqueness of executive teams creates predictable complications: “What is real value the executive team adds?” “Which is my primary team: my functional team or the executive team?” “How and when do successful, strong, independent leaders engage interdependently with each other?”

The intense pressures executive leaders operate under can also lead to counterproductive behaviors — turf battles, conflicting egos and a lack of alignment. Those behaviors can become threats to executive team performance that cascade through your entire organization, potentially crippling it.

However, when leadership teams are at their best, the positive effect is felt across an organization and seen in business results.

What we do

CCL employs a variety of proven methods and tools to assess senior team effectiveness and improve how senior leaders work together. Our executive team performance service involves a select group of faculty working with executives. The goal is for the team to work more cohesively and effectively, manage complexity and change, and lead the organization to achieve what matters most.

Our Process

Our process starts with a thorough assessment of your Executive Team to develop a deeper understanding and alignment around the key organizational challenges and current team dynamics. Our assessment framework addresses the dynamics impacting team performance, including:

  • Clarity about the core purpose and work of the team
  • An examination of the efficiency of the way the team does its work
  • Surfacing the interpersonal and team dynamics that can unleash or ensnare your team
  • Identification of the methods for measuring the team’s progress and success
  • Building the team’s capability to deal with greater stress and complexity

Through the assessment, we determine gaps, frame the team development process and create a plan to a ensure alignment around the business strategy and key performance measures. CCL has used this approach to effectively address a wide range of Executive Team challenges related to growing the organization’s performance, dealing with growing uncertainty, making a strategic organizational shift, building alignment in a fragmented organization, changing membership, increasing the ability to have constructive conflict, and drive a culture shift.

Our highly experienced facilitators employ a variety of observation, coaching and development techniques to challenge the team to achieve a higher level of performance.

CCL’s unique experienced-based approach to development enables executive leaders to focus on higher-order team capabilities while doing the real work of the organization.

Results from Executive Team Development

After working with executive teams, here are some of the outcomes and behaviors we see. High-performing executive teams:

  • Collectively drive organizational outcomes for success.
  • Work together as “one team.”
  • Model collaboration and collective leadership across the organization.
  • Exhibit increased levels of trust, camaraderie and cohesion.
  • Have a clear common understanding of their individual roles and responsibilities at the functional and enterprise levels.
  • Are more aware of behavioral predispositions and their impact on the team’s dynamics.
  • Improve collaboration across all organizational boundaries.
  • Shift their ability and approach to drive real and meaningful change.

If these outcomes would help your organization achieve its goals, it’s time to have a conversation about our approach to Executive Team development


Creating a world-class executive team is a matter of leadership, and leadership development is all we do. We know the leadership challenges that executives face. Through our Leadership at the Peak program, we have worked specifically with thousands of C-suite executives across the globe.

We meet you where you are. Our faculty and coaches are located around the globe, covering 48 different languages and offering expertise in every major business sector. Our broad, research-based portfolio includes everything needed to make sure the team, and its individual members, can work collaboratively to drive meaningful change.

From validated assessments, to cutting-edge network analysis, to best-in-class development tools and rigorous evaluation, we have what it takes to get results that matter.

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