Senior Leadership Team Development

Develop a World-Class Senior Leadership Team

Your executive team's ability to work together effectively may be the single most critical element in your organization’s success.

Intense pressure, a lack of alignment, and counterproductive turf wars can become threats to executive team performance that cascade through your entire organization, potentially crippling it.

Senior leadership team development can improve how well executives work together — yielding better strategy, culture, and business performance.

Senior leaders work together effectively, as one team, when leadership team development is successful. Signs that your executive team is high-performing include fewer organizational silos, greater collaboration, and improved bustiness outcomes that align with your priorities and strategy. 

Partner with us for senior leadership team development that gets results.

Senior Leadership Team Development That Gets Results

Boost Your Executive Team's Ability to Work as a Collective Enterprise Team

Senior leadership teams must be able to implement new strategies and navigate challenges together to drive lasting performance and adapt in rapidly changing, uncertain environments.

But it isn’t always easy to build the team cohesion required to collectively lead together. For example, your executive team may be facing:

  • New boss or new members;
  • New strategic challenges;
  • Balancing functional and enterprise accountabilities; or
  • Conflict, whether too much — or too little.

Your leadership team member interactions serve as a model of collaboration, camaraderie, and cohesion for the rest of your organization. If your executive team is aligned, engaged, and committed, they’re more likely to collectively lead effective execution of the organization’s enterprise strategy.

That’s why you need a best-in-class, high-energy, optimally functioning executive team who can set aside egos and work together collectively to drive organizational outcomes for success.

Why CCL? Our Unique Approach to Executive Team Development

Because we’ve worked with thousands of C-suite executives across the globe in our 5 decades of experience, we understand the unique challenges that executive leaders face.

Our research has shown that top-performing executive teams are characterized by 3 vital threads that run through everything they do — strategic focus, collective approach, and effective team interaction.

Our elite group of Organizational Leadership experts have experience in every major business sector, and can work with you to assess the current effectiveness of your executive team and then partner with you for senior leadership team development to create lasting change. We’ll take a deep dive into who you are and where your organization wants to be — because your leadership journey should be as unique as you are.

What Our Clients Are Saying

At CCL, we measure success by lives touched and impact made. That’s why the organizations we work with and the leaders we transform consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with us is a game-changer. We’ve helped to transform the senior leadership team at many organizations.

But don’t just take our word for it — take theirs.

“These mission-critical roles were positions that we couldn’t afford to leave open. We needed to prepare high-potential leaders more quickly for senior management positions that required successfully leading others and driving organizational change initiatives.”

Kristin Colber-Baker
Global Director of Leadership Development

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Mars & CCL: Reversing a Talent Drought While Generating Millions

“The leadership culture at KONE is absolutely changing as a result of our work with CCL. I think our partnership works because it’s a true partnership. We have worked together to develop, explore, and invent the approach that made the most sense for KONE…We’ve co-developed a process and the thinking behind creating a leadership culture that fits our business.”

Michael Nagowski
Cape Fear Valley Health 

Manufacturing Leader Reshapes Culture & Accelerates Performance with Customized Training Engagement

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