Leadership Strategy that Propels Strong Performance

A well-defined business strategy is vital. But many organizations fail when they attempt to implement a new strategy. Why? Although the strategy may be correct, your leadership across the company may not be prepared to implement strategic change or aligned in their efforts to do so.

With CCL’s Leadership Strategy approach, you can execute strategy with confidence.

What we do

We ask questions first and improve an organization’s leadership strategy secondly. Because to help our clients, we need to understand what their current challenges are. So speaking their language, we ask things like: Why are we having this conversation? What’s going on with leadership in your organization?

How much are you linking leadership to the success of your business strategy? What are your challenges? What’s your gap in leadership?

Part coach, part guide, we truly collaborate with our clients. We’re open and confident enough to say: We’ll figure this out together. And, we’ll help you understand that leadership strategy begins with business strategy.

Everything works together and is aligned, which is exactly the way we work with you too.

Our process

Our three-phase leadership strategy process includes:

  • Diagnosis and engagement
  • Application of the Leadership Strategy Framework
  • Align and implement leadership development solutions

Maybe you’ve already started to create a leadership strategy, but are disappointed with the results.  Talk with us.  We’ll meet you where you are.


Our leadership strategy clients will:

  • Optimize human capital investments
  • Understand the skills, behaviors and capabilities that are most important in the future
  • Ensure leaders work collectively and effectively to drive performance
  • Create and nurture a high-performing leadership culture
  • Build internal capacity to keep the leadership strategy evergreen


See it in action. Download the Credicorp Group impact study below.

When senior executives are convinced that business and leadership strategy go hand-in-hand and are committed to bringing leadership alive throughout the organization, the probability of achieving superior performance is high.


CCL’s leadership strategy process begins with business strategy, and encompasses talent needs, organizational design and culture to be effective. Only this type of holistic approach bridges the gap between strategy and performance and enables optimal outcomes on an organization’s most pressing business challenges.

We know that leadership strategy is not a “one size fits all” proposition. And we know that effective leadership requires not only individual leader development, but also connected, aligned leadership among formal and informal leaders.

We have the unique expertise, grounded in decades of research, to help you understand what leadership capabilities you will need to execute your strategies. Then, we help you accelerate the development of those capabilities among your leaders.