Vertical Development: Culture Still Wins Over Strategy

Vertical Development: Culture Still Wins Over Strategy

Organizations today operate in a fast-moving global environment where market dynamics and competitive landscapes constantly change. Shifting threats and emerging opportunities are compounded by rapid advances in technology. To survive, businesses need solid strategy – and they need vertical development.

A strategic initiative can succeed only when an organization’s leadership culture supports it. Yet too many companies waste time dreaming up strategies that their culture lacks the mindset to actually implement. The level of complex thinking must match the level of complexity required for the strategic change — and we call that vertical development.

“If you want best practices, you need best beliefs. Beliefs drive practices. Beliefs are embedded in cultures. And culture always wins.”

Our groundbreaking vertical development framework starts with developing executive teams and scales to help entire organizations initiate and sustain true cultural transformation by fostering the interdependent, complex thinking that ensures strategic initiatives succeed. This is accomplished in a tight learning process that starts with the senior team and increasingly moves into the broader organization, helping to shift the cultural beliefs and practices of leadership in order to implement the desired transformation.

Vertical development is critical because leadership culture can make or break any change effort or business transformation – culture always wins over strategy. That’s why intentional focus on leadership culture is the key to strategic success.

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September 9, 2019
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