Empowering Leaders for Success Through Open-Enrollment Leadership Development Courses

People discussing the webinar on empowering Leaders for Success Through Open Enrollment Leadership Development Courses

On Demand

Duration: 45 minutes

About the Webinar

It is important to equip leaders with the tools required to acquire and engage talent across sectors. Our Open Enrollment leadership development courses have been a source of these tools and transformative leadership development for thousands of leaders since their inception.

A survey that polled 650 leaders 8 weeks after they completed an Open Enrollment program found that 93% believe that investing their time and effort in attending a program was valuable. Over 96% of participants also noted that they actively applied the skills and knowledge they attained from the program.

Join us for a webinar as we discuss our leadership development course offerings that can empower leaders and their teams to unlock their full potential.

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Fundamental leadership skills that help organizations thrive
  • Research and experience-based insights to enhance leadership practices
  • How to foster an empowering and engaging environment within your organization
  • CCL’s flagship Leadership Development Program (LDP)® and Maximizing Your Leadership Potential offerings

About the Presenters

Karissa McKenna

Karissa McKenna
Global Portfolio Lead
Center for Creative Leadership

Karissa is the product manager and a lead designer of the Center for Creative Leadership’s flagship Leadership Development Program. She designs, manages and facilitates solutions globally that optimize learning modalities to reach more leaders, helping them to address today’s challenges and prepare for success in a future of continuous disruption.

Dana Washington

Dana Washington
Leadership Solutions Partner
Center for Creative Leadership

Dana has over 10 years of leadership development experience in consulting, facilitation, coaching, sales, and curriculum design. In her current role as a Leadership Solutions Parter at CCL, Dana facilitates Open Enrollment programs and designs and delivers custom leadership development solutions that enable transformation through lasting and sustainable behavior change. Dana works with leaders across sectors and is skilled in leading large-scale global initiatives to develop leaders at all levels.

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