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The Value of Open-Enrollment Leadership Training Programs

The Value of Open-Enrollment Leadership Training Programs

Is your organization looking to boost retention and strengthen its leadership pipeline? Then don’t overlook the benefits of open-enrollment leadership development training as part of a successful leadership development strategy. It’s a strong, convenient, and high-value part of the learning and development mix. Here’s why.

3 Keys to the ROI of Open-Enrollment Leadership Programs

1. Open-enrollment leadership development is flexible.

Organizations may choose from a menu of open-enrollment leadership programs to address specific issues, shifting investments in talent development as needs arise.

Or, a proven program may be routinely used as part of employee development — for example, all mid- to senior-level leaders who have been identified as high potentials might be sent to a program aimed at their specific needs and challenges (like our flagship Leadership Development Program (LDP)®, for example).

Your organization might send a handful of employees one year and dozens the next, depending upon your needs at the time.

A key value of open-enrollment leadership development programs is that they provide executive education that accommodates the ever-changing needs of your organization.

Infographic: The Leadership Value of Open-Enrollment Learning

2. Open-enrollment leadership development is complementary.

Various open-enrollment programs can fit together into a larger development puzzle. Sometimes leadership programs can aid a large-scale training and retention initiative, and provide a blend of online learning, virtual coaching, action learning, and in-person experiences to create a robust training program for your leaders at every level. Externally-provided open-enrollment programs can be used in tandem with internal leadership development initiatives run by your in-house team.

Or, maybe your organization kicks off a multi-year initiative to develop its first-time managers (e.g., with our Maximizing Your Leadership Potential program), while at the same time offering your senior leaders of divisions or departments a chance to attend a program aimed specifically at the challenges typically faced at that level (e.g., like our Leading for Organizational Impact program) — particularly since the individual development of senior executives ties directly to the company’s future direction and success.

Open-enrollment leadership development programs can provide key pieces in the structure of your organization’s larger development and retention strategy.

3. Open-enrollment leadership development is budget-friendly.

Many companies can’t dedicate resources to major development initiatives for all leader levels. Or they are doing in-depth custom work for just a select group.

Another value of open-enrollment leadership development programs is that they enable companies to offer talent development when they don’t have large budgets or in-house training resources, or need to fill gaps in their existing development initiatives.

Our Lead 4 Success® program is a good example, offering an affordable, scalable way to develop fundamental leadership skills across a large, but key, population.

And remember, another way that investing in development affects your budget: It also helps improve your organization’s bottom line, which is of course key among the reasons to invest in leadership development. Perhaps that’s why our market research found that organizations are continuing to invest in development even during downturns — because 82% believe it gives them a competitive advantage.

Open-Enrollment Leadership Training That Goes Beyond

The best open-enrollment leadership development programs include even more value. At CCL, we’re proud that our leadership programs also offer:

  • Broad scope, clear focus — We understand how leadership skills need to evolve and expand to meet changing conditions and to prepare for future challenges. At the same time, we’ve identified the core leadership skills critical for success at each level, so individuals — and organizations — can see faster results. Just match up the right learning at the right time for each leader.
  • Relevant, proven, cutting-edge content — We update and create programs in response to changes in the workplace and as new research findings and new best practices emerge. For example, our research recently found that un  An evaluation of the program found that LDP is clearly moving the needle in the 6 leadership skills most critical for middle managers.
  • A space to learn — Whether your leaders participate in one of our in-person or virtual programs, new behaviors and techniques can be tried and tested in a safe and confidential learning environment. Participants have a chance to network and learn from others around the world. Many client organizations tell us that this “protected” time and space is essential for personal reflection and transformation. You really can learn leadership skills online and transform without travel.
  • World view, global reach, client focus — Our open-enrollment programs are offered frequently, providing many choices to meet busy schedules and a range of client needs. Programs are typically in English, but often assessments and coaching are offered in many additional languages. All are facilitated by highly educated faculty and coaches from business, academia, and the nonprofit world.
  • Highly personalized experience — Finally, in all our work, we provide a highly personalized experience, grounded in individualized assessments and research-based frameworks and methods. That’s why our clients say the value of our open-enrollment programs is clear — and why attending them is a powerful learning experience that participants often describe as life-changing, career-making events.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Learn more about our open-enrollment leadership programs, including our virtual leadership programs, to select the right one for you.

November 18, 2020
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