The Leadership Profile of the Future: From Here to There

Lead to Succeed: Session 4

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Duration: 1 hour

About the Webinar

This is session 4 in our series, Lead to Succeed. Be sure to explore the other sessions as well:

The global pandemic has put a new spotlight on the importance of future-proofing leadership. What talent profile should organizations create as they think about leadership 5 or even 10 years from now? In this session, we’ll explore the critical external forces shaping future leadership profiles and the leadership challenges that must be addressed in upskilling existing talent. For your organization to succeed and thrive, you’ll need a leadership development bridge between the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow. Join experts from CCL and other senior leaders as they discuss how to go from here to there.

Learn more about leading through change with customized leadership development tailored to your organization’s unique context and culture.  

About the Presenters

Cheryl Flink, Ph.D.

Cheryl Flink, PhD
Former Global Vice President, Leadership Research & Analytics
Center for Creative Leadership

Cheryl Flink has served in a number of executive positions overseeing strategy, analytics and research, marketing, and professional services. By linking data, technology, and analytics to strategy, product development, and business execution, she has enabled organizations to find new market opportunities, improve revenue and cost drivers, and leverage data to address organizational challenges.

Cheryl led our Global Research and Evaluation function, the new Leadership Analytics practice, and the Knowledge Management function. The team is responsible for creating the original research, analytics products and services, and market-facing content that informs our product and portfolio IP and competitively differentiates us.

Chris Dewar
Senior Leadership Solutions Partner
Center for Creative Leadership

Chris Dewar serves as Senior Global Solutions Partner for CCL. In this role, he leverages his global experience as a design and delivery faculty to work with senior leaders and their teams. Chris’s relationship with CCL began first as a customer, then certifying to be an associate faculty, and then joining full-time as a senior faculty. In 2013 Chris moved to CCL’s APAC headquarters as the Faculty Director for Design and Delivery. There, Chris worked with clients in almost all countries in APAC, leading account teams to deliver solutions for regional and multi-national organization. Chris also delivered CCL’s open-enrollment Leadership at the Peak and Leading for Organizational Impact programs.

Leah Weyandt

Leah Weyandt
Chief People Officer

Nuno Gonçalves

Nuno Gonçalves
Global Head of Strategic Capability Building

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