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Practicing Gratitude: Why Giving Thanks Leads to Resilience

Practicing Gratitude: Why Giving Thanks Leads to Resilience

On Demand

Duration: 10 minutes

About the Webinar

Resilience is our ability to bounce back from adversity — an important skill in times of change or hardship. But for leaders to remain positive, set a direction, and light the path for their teammates, they must start by practicing gratitude.

While many may view the act of giving thanks as an outward expression that primarily touches others, research has found that gratitude also leads to personal resilience. Join us in this webinar to understand why gratitude is at the heart of our 8 resilience practices that relate to enhanced social, physical, mental, and emotional outcomes.

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to enhance personal resilience by practicing gratitude,
  • Simple but purposeful acts for applying gratitude in your life,
  • Why gratitude leads to a greater sense of connectedness, and
  • The science behind gratitude’s impact on your health.

Help your people develop resiliency habits — including practicing gratitude — to improve their wellness and create conditions for peak performance with our online resilience program, The Resilience Advantage. The practical, scientific, and application-based approach will allow your leaders to avoid burnout, and instead, burn bright.

About the Presenter

Dr. Shelley Thompkins

Shelley Thompkins
Leadership Solutions Partner – Global Markets
Center for Creative Leadership

Shelley works with our global clients as a Leadership Solutions Partner, helping leaders become extraordinary performers, visionaries, collaborators as well as critical and strategic thinkers. Her focus is on designing and delivering highly regarded leadership programs for managers and executives that escalate our brand of delivering Results That Matter. Shelley also serves as a feedback coach and Organization Workshop facilitator.

Shelley brings to us over 20 years of experience in market-leading organizations and Fortune 500 corporations. Her collaborative leadership style is used to build consensus to improve skills and knowledge which has led to improved employee performance and engagement, leadership effectiveness, and improved organizational outcomes.


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