CCL is pleased to offer the latest edition of an innovative webinar series on Networks & Leadership in collaboration with New York University’s Wagner School and our host the Leadership Learning Community.

Registration is free and open to the public. Please join us! Slides and videos from previous webinars are available (see below), along with a white paper from our inaugural conference.

Our upcoming topic is: Foundations as Network Leaders: Learning from One Foundation’s Journey & Results

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This two-part edition will explore successes and insights from the DentaQuest Foundation’s national systems change strategy Oral Health 2020. Started in 2011, this network-based strategy has achieved notable results—development of oral health leaders across the country, creation of new state partnerships connected to a national health improvement network, and tangible system and policy changes such as the expansion of public benefits in more than 15 states.

Come learn about what it took to make this work happen from the perspective of Foundation leaders Brian Souza and Mike Monopoli, initiative evaluator Clare Nolan (Harder+Company Community Research), and network weaver Marianne Hughes (Interaction Institute for Social Change).

1. June 30, 2016 | 11am Pacific

Part 1 will situate this work in the context of the broader field, describe the Foundation’s decision to pursue a network-based approach, and show how development in individual leadership and network capacity led to community impacts.

2. July 14, 2016 | 11am Pacific

Part 2 will dive deeper into what it took to achieve these results, including lessons learned from network building as well as what it means for a foundation to take on a facilitative leadership role.

Our overarching theme is the intersection of leadership and network development: What does it mean for people in networks who see the need to be more intentional about developing leadership?How can leadership development practitioners design and deliver programs that better equip their participants to effectively utilize network strategies and tools?

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Archived webinars and slides from the series:

1. Introduction: Network Leadership Webinar Series.

2. Boundary Spanning Leadership Integrated with Network Development.

3. Unpacking Goal-Directed Networks.

For more information on CCL’s approach to networks and leadership contact: Kristin Cullen, Phil Willburn, Chuck Palus.

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