Looking for trusted content and at-the-ready learning? Take advantage of CCL’s extensive webinar series.

With 100 previously recorded, one-hour webinars available on demand, you’ll find topics to help with countless leadership challenges. New, live webinars are added each month. Most webinars are presented by CCL experts and thought leaders, but every year we bring in outside authors, thinkers and leaders as well.

Some of our most popular topics include:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Active Listening
  • Influence
  • Boundary Spanning Leadership
  • Leading People Through Change

The webinars are perfect for on-the-go or at-the-desk learning for individuals, but they are priced to encourage group learning. Each webinar session is just $120 — whether you have one viewer or many in a room.

Here are five ways to make the most of CCL’s webinars:

  1. Offer “Lunch & Learn” sessions for teams and groups. Be the host for monthly sessions, create a series focused on a specific level or need, or provide managers and team leaders support to hold their own lunchtime events. If you can, build in time to discuss the ideas … or hold follow-ups in person or through online discussion groups.
  2. Support individual learning. Offer a menu of webinars as part of individual development plans and to encourage employees to be pro-active in their own learning. If budgets for workshops and individual courses are tight, webinars are an easy way to demonstrate the organization’s commitment to learning and development.
  3. Create blended learning solutions. Work with CCL to customize learning strategies that combine webinars with classroom experiences, eCourses, online Leadership Library, videos, job aids and app-based tools. Take a look at our Blended Learning Solutions page for details and ideas.
  4. Integrate with workshops and training programs. Use webinars to introduce a topic or spur discussion related to a training day or program. Build a webinar into your program — before (as individual pre-work), during (for shared learning and best price), or after (as an additional resource).
  5. Develop your own team. What challenges do you and your team face? Continue your own learning and development — and that of the entire HR, learning or talent function.

Explore our full list of CCL Webinars and get started on a simple, smart way to supplement learning to your organization.

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