Leadership doesn’t happen only at your desk, and neither should leadership development. Give your team an on-demand leadership guide, always at their fingertips.

What could your organization accomplish if your leaders had instant access to best-in-class, research-based leadership content at the ready, everywhere they went?

Meet ELLA. Short for “Everyday Leader Learning Assistant,” ELLA™ is a trusted digital companion, a mobile-first, data-driven, on-demand leadership guide.

Combining artificial intelligence and our leadership expertise, ELLA provides instant advice on leadership challenges and topics to help busy professionals expand and improve as leaders.

Think of it like a virtual coach for your team. It can provide targeted, proven, just-in-time advice to help them achieve next-level results, no matter where they are.

Blending Artificial Intelligence and Leadership Expertise for Scalable Development

Today, HR leaders are being asked to scale development to more leaders with fewer resources. And individuals are increasingly responsible for learning and development on their own time, in their own space, with limited budgets.

The solution: ELLA™, an AI-powered leadership guide that answers leaders’ questions instantly as they continue to advance in their careers.

This smartphone-based app puts leaders in charge of their own development with quick, targeted topics and timely activities. And, because no 2 organizations are alike, you can partner with us to customize the leadership guide with content specific to your organization.

Provide Instant Access to Proven, Relevant Advice With an On-Demand Leadership Guide in Their Pockets

With ELLA™, you can enhance and support leadership development learning across the entire organization by providing access to a virtual coach and:

  • Exercises: Short developmental exercises let your leaders practice a skill, lead a conversation, challenge a process, and learn.
  • Advice: The app gives instant access to nearly 2,000 pieces (and growing) of quick, research-backed advice, including videos, handy models, job aids, and links for further research.
  • Topics: Leaders can browse more than 100 topics, with content ranging from quick answers to deep dives.
  • Reflection: Focused reflection activities help individuals draw upon what they’ve learned, how they work, and how they want to grow as leaders.

Why Our AI-Powered Leadership Guide to Support & Scale Your Leadership Development?

ELLA™ combines conversational artificial intelligence with leadership expertise from the world’s most trusted source in leadership development.

  • Instant access to our world-class, research-based content and advice, customized for individual leaders
  • Proven CCL models, tools, and targeted exercises
  • Analytics dashboard with real-time, evidence-based data that helps identify trends in developmental needs and hidden gaps in leadership development
  • Convenience of a single, consistent, on-demand source for global organizational leadership development for every employee level

Let’s Discuss Bringing Our On-Demand Leadership Guide to Your Organization

Our experts are here to help. Let’s have a conversation about how our artificial intelligence and leadership development tool can provide support to leaders at your organization.

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