Ditch the lecture.
Start a leadership conversation instead.

The Leadership Conversation, developed by the Center for Creative Leadership in partnership with Nomadic Learning, blends the best of self-directed learning with an online, team-driven approach designed to benefit and engage leaders from across generations and across all levels within an organization.

  • It’s adaptable: While The Leadership Conversation can be used by intact teams, it works great with individuals from all parts of the organization.
  • It’s structured: Learners move through the online program completing activities that encourage collaboration and sharing.
  • It’s personalized: A library of research-based leadership resources that include videos, case studies, and articles give learners the content needed to create a unique, personal learning path — before, during, and after their experience.
  • It’s flexible: Learners progress when they want, where they want, on any device they wish.

You Have Leaders. Help Them Learn From Each Other.

Have you ever thought, “If only I could get the people we’re grooming for leadership roles in the same room as our experienced leaders”? The Leadership Conversation makes that happen. Our program is perfect for:

  • Individuals who have recently taken on, or are preparing to take on, a leadership role for the first time.
  • Existing front-line leaders moving into more senior leadership roles.
  • Organizations with geographically-dispersed leadership teams.

What Learners Will Experience

The Leadership Conversation includes four structured, research-driven programs with programs that each take 6-8 hours to complete over a four-week period. Between programs, learners have access to hundreds of resources to create your own personal learning paths. Resources cover everything from the latest case studies, to primers on key leadership tools.

How direction, alignment, and commitment cultivate leadership. Participants will learn skills like how to “shape and support” staff rather than “command and control” them.

The 4 fundamentals of leadership success are communication, self-awareness, influencing others, and the ability to learn. Learners will develop these skills and apply them to a unique situation.

Employees aren’t located in one place anymore and teamwork is more important than ever. Participants will work through ways to manage collaborative teams in an increasingly virtual workplace.
Effective leaders need to champion innovation. Participants will learn core concepts from the fields of design thinking and critical thinking to frame problems, design experiments, make decisions, and learn from mistakes.

Why the Leadership Conversation is Different

We’ve teamed up with Nomadic to deploy a program with your busy leaders in mind.

  • Made for Digital – Nomadic is the only platform in the learning industry designed exclusively for small group, collaborative learning at scale. The result: Leaders from around the world collaborate, share best practices, and develop in a way that’s never been possible.
  • True Anytime, Anywhere Learning – Access the platform from any browser. The program’s content and functionality work across smartphones, tablets, and computers.
  • Game Dynamics that Drive Engagement – Individual leaderboards within teams spur users to engage thoughtfully. Leaderboards and competition turn early adopters into cheerleaders who encourage participation.
  • Analytics that Go Deeper – Effective learning experiences produce useful data. We measure influence and engagement along with standard metrics around completion and understanding.
The Leadership Conversation

Collaborate to Move Forward

For learners, The Leadership Conversation provides an ideal environment to share experiences, a support network to offer advice, and a better understanding of the challenges that leaders face at different stages of their careers.

Organizations receive cost-effective access to world-class leadership development, improved sharing across leadership teams, and leaders who learn a shared vocabulary.

And with CCL’s metric-driven approach, you will understand the learning impact – and even discover leadership talent gaps – in a way you never could before.

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