Virtual Leadership Training Crafted for Real Impact

Impactful leadership development programs don’t have to be limited to the 4 walls of a classroom. Virtual leadership training is one of the best ways to foster continuous learning while enabling quick application of new concepts.

Explore our entire portfolio of online leadership training to find a virtual leadership development program with the flexibility and scalability that’s right for your organization. Or, partner with us to create a customized virtual leadership training program tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

A Unique, Human-Centered Approach to Virtual Leadership Development Programs

At CCL, we leverage the proven strengths of virtual technology, outstanding instructional design, and our world-class content and faculty to create high-impact, human-centered virtual leadership development programs.

To ensure impact, our virtual offerings prioritize these 3 elements:

  • Deliberate Design: With 50 years of leadership research expertise, we’ve honed how to translate the anatomy of a learning experience into an online learning space. Everything – from the amount of text we share on-screen, to the length and timing of each module of the curriculum — is informed by our research on optimal learning and retention of information.
  • Authentic Connection: The best virtual training facilitators are intentional about creating space within the online learning environment to foster real connection between participants and facilitators. At CCL, human-centered design is important to us, and we use technology to our advantage to “reach through the screen” more deliberately.
  • Vibrant Experiences: With virtual learning, there’s a risk of cognitive overload that comes with staring at a screen all day. That’s why all our live online programs incorporate movement, music, and unexpected surprises aimed at maximizing the impact through immersive and unforgettable experiences.

Our formula for impactful virtual leadership training is continually proving its effectiveness, as our research consistently shows that satisfaction with our virtual leadership development programs is nearly the same as a face-to-face experience.

Would recommend CCL online programs to a colleague

Found programs easy to access and navigate

Felt CCL’s virtual experiences were equally or more engaging than other online programs

Our Virtual Leadership Training Programs

Among our virtual leadership programs are an effective leadership training, an executive leadership program, a moderated program for frontline leadership, as well as a resilience course online.
executive representing participant of the leading strategically experience

Leading Strategically Experience

Suited for: Executives and senior leaders whose work has strategic implications for their organization

  • 1:12 participant to facilitator ratio
  • Extended learning experience including live online labs


  • Identify levers in the culture that can help enable the execution of the business strategy
  • Be able to think, act, and influence strategically in the face of disruption and complexity

Time commitment: 24 hours over 7 weeks
Cost: $6,300 | 5,700€

Maximizing Leadership Potential

Maximizing Your Leadership Potential

Suited for: High-potential new or first-time managers

  • Interactive, hands-on format utilizing experiential learning
  • Feedback-rich development including intense, personalized coaching


  • Transition from successful individual contributor to effective new manager
  • Deliver and receive effective feedback, and manage conflict and resistance

Time Commitment: 17.5 hours over 5 days
Cost: $4,400 | 3,900€

BCE Virtual Peer Connections

Better Conversations Every Day™

Suited for: All leader levels across an organization

  • Break down silos & communication barriers
  • Unlock employee engagement


  • Hone skills that lead to effective conversations
  • Improve communication skills

Time commitment: 9 hours over 3 days
Cost: $1,350 | 1,200€

Better Conversations and Coaching Program

Better Conversations & Coaching

Suited for: All leader levels across an organization, especially HR

  • Infuse a coaching mindset throughout your organization
  • Increase employee engagement


  • Develop the 4 core communication skills
  • Learn how to give effective feedback and develop others

Time commitment: 25 hours over 5 days
Cost: $4,200 | 3,800€

The Effective Leader

The Effective Leader

Suited for: Experienced leaders who lead other managers or senior professional staff

  • 1:12 participant to trainer ratio
  • Live interactions with instructors & classmates


  • Prepare leaders for the new world of work
  • Learn to lead virtually across the organization

Time commitment: 18 hours over 5 days
Cost: $3,700 | 3,400€


Assessment Certification Course

Suited for: HR managers, consultants, coaches, training & development professionals

  • Access to CCL expert throughout the course
  • Membership in CCL’s extensive ACC alumni network


  • Get certified in our Benchmarks® Assessment Suite at your pace
  • Learn how to interpret & facilitate 360 feedback

Time commitment: 10 hours self-paced over 90 days
Cost: $2,100 | 1,900€

Lead 4 Success

Lead 4 Success™

Suited for: New or first-time managers

  • Experiential activities to learn through doing
  • Safe environment to practice new behaviors


  • Develop the fundamental skills of leadership
  • Learn to effectively communicate & inspire trust

Time commitment: 17 hours over 5 days
Cost: $1,650 | 1,500€

Frontline Leader Impact

Frontline Leader Impact

Suited for: Leaders of individual contributors

  • Highly interactive & engaging
  • Guided by CCL expert moderator


  • Develop 6 competencies crucial for success
  • Create a leadership growth plan to tackle a real work challenge you’re facing

Time commitment: 18 hours over 6 weeks
Cost: $1,500 | 1,400€

The Resilience Advantage program

Burn Bright: The Resilience Advantage

Suited for: Individual contributor, leading others, leading managers

  • Over 4 weeks to allow time to practice & reflect on ideas
  • Guided by CCL expert moderator


  • Develop skills &insights on resilience practices
  • Discover & practice new techniques & habits

Time commitment: 12 hours over 4 weeks
Cost: $800 | 725€