Bring Your Organization to Life with Online Custom Leadership Training

Our virtual customized leadership development programs bring leaders together online in a dynamic, collaborative experience — anywhere, anytime. Unite leaders, promote growth, and drive business outcomes by creating your own unique training by using our timely topic modules for leadership development and combining them into online learning journeys that are specifically customized to engage your organization and enact real change.

We’ll work with you to identify your organization’s goals and create a custom online leadership training program that’s tailored to your specific needs.

Benefits of Virtual Custom Leadership Training


Easily accessible from anywhere, including on mobile devices


Interactive format drives connection, builds engagement


Personalized attention and high faculty-to-participant ratio


Flexible, scalable learning provides time & cost savings


Reduced environmental impact with fewer travel costs

Lead 4 Success: CCL's live online learning

Why Online Customized Leadership Development?

When done well, digital learning experiences can be a highly effective part of a broader learning journey. By building real connections in an online classroom environment, leaders can learn to manage and lead virtually through change, disruption, and volatility. Custom leadership training conducted virtually can also help geographically dispersed teams sharpen key skills and practice collaborating across boundaries.

Our online customized leadership development programs let you select from an array of available topics to develop the skills your organization needs — exactly when you need them, for your leaders anywhere in the world.

Virtual leadership experiences to meet the needs of individuals & organizations

Found programs easy to access and navigate

Felt CCL’s virtual experiences were equally or more engaging than other online programs

Virtual Customized Leadership Development as Part of a Learning Journey

Leadership development is more effective and sustainable when part of a transformational learning journey, rather than built around a series of learning events.

Like any journey, a learning journey is about moving from one place to another – a process where individuals build skills and capability through a series of related learning experiences. Our experts can craft customized leadership development for your organization, structuring a custom online learning journey around what matters most for your unique context and culture.

We offer virtual customized leadership development sessions in a live online format with a guided cohort to provide human connection through real-time interactions with instructors and classmates in the full cohort, and with smaller groups in virtual breakout rooms.

Our online custom leadership training easily integrates into your developmental objectives, and can be tailored to your specific organization’s needs by combining select topic modules into a complete leadership development plan.

Sample Customized Leadership Development Learning Journey:

The example shown below is an online learning journey built as part of a customized leadership development plan for a client organization. This learning journey was designed to build the skills and capability leaders need in times of disruption, through a series of 4 of our flexible topic modules:

  1. Leading Through Change
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Risk-Taking, and
  4. Resilience

All sessions of the program were delivered virtually, with guided cohorts, to ensure human connection with our faculty and with peers.

Example Leadership Development Plan

Available Topic Modules for Customized Leadership Development

Explore our portfolio of curated, research-backed  modules and let us design an online custom leadership training with the flexibility and scalability that’s right for your organization.

Our most popular topics include:

  • Boundary Spanning
  • Change Leadership
  • Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Direction, Alignment & Commitment (DAC)
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Feedback That Works
  • Influence
  • Innovation & Breakthrough Thinking
  • Learning Agility
  • Listening to Understand
  • Psychological Safety
  • Resilience-Building
  • Talent Conversations
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Virtual Teams
  • Plus, many more!

Some topics are also available as 60-minute webinars.

Our participants were pleasantly surprised at the structure and effectiveness of the virtual program, and most enjoyed collaborating and learning from colleagues across the global organization.

– Angela Spears

Learning Consultant at Pitney Bowes

Online Customized Leadership Development Resources

White Paper

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As with any important learning initiative, a leadership-focused digital learning initiative begins with a clear strategy and well-planned tactics.

man sitting at computer managing virtual teams - center for creative leadership


Best Practices for Managing Virtual Teams and Meetings

As more workers telecommute, teams need a strategy for communicating digitally. Read these best practices for leading virtual teams and meetings.


Best Practices for Managing Virtual Teams and Meetings

As more workers telecommute, teams need a strategy for communicating digitally. Read these best practices for leading virtual teams and meetings.

man sitting at computer managing virtual teams - center for creative leadership

Client Success Story

Transforming Managers into Effective Leaders

Essilor partnered with CCL to launch a blended learning solution for first-line supervisors that heavily leverages an online curriculum.

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