CCL designs customized virtual programs based upon your organization’s business challenges. We apply CCL’s research to your leadership development needs and tailor content and delivery to your learning environment.  To discuss CCL’s Customized Virtual Programs for your organization, call us at +1 336 545 2810 or online.

Pitney Bowes and CCL partner to create a completely virtual development experience over time.

CHALLENGE:  Offer a consistent, holistic and impactful experience for dispersed and remote leaders that develops collaborative, strategic global leaders who flourish in a matrixed environment.

SOLUTION:  CCL created a completely virtual leadership development journey for middle managers over 20 weeks.  The program leveraged CCL’s research on Boundary Spanning Leadership and Strategic Leadership and featured opportunities for participants to apply their learnings to their everyday work, share learning with others, and revise their strategies as their skills developed—all virtually.

This was a new approach for Pitney Bowes and was well received by participants. They were pleasantly surprised at the structure and effectiveness of the virtual program, and most enjoyed collaborating and learning from colleagues across the global organization.

– Angela Spears

Learning Consultant at Pitney Bowes

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