Leadership in the Future of Healthcare: Befriending Polarity & Paradox

Leadership in the Future of Healthcare: Befriending Polarity & Paradox

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Duration: 1 hour

About the Webinar

COVID-19 has undoubtedly altered “normal” work and life for many organizations and individuals, and chief among them are healthcare-related organizations and professionals. While experts are still learning more each day about this novel coronavirus and its potential implications for our healthcare ecosystem, we can be sure the future of healthcare will be changed as a result.

As we move into this “next normal,” healthcare leaders must become even more comfortable with both polarity and paradox. Balancing what seem like contradictory tendencies is, in fact, at the heart of leading effectively through ambiguity and uncertainty. Join us as we explore the meaning of polarity and paradox within the healthcare ecosystem and what leading at your best in this new reality will require.

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How changes brought on by COVID-19 will affect the future of healthcare and leadership in this critical space,
  • The 6 leadership paradoxes related to leading effectively in the healthcare ecosystem’s “next normal,” and
  • Next steps for assessing your leadership response in a paradoxical world.

Prepare your healthcare leadership team for the changing world that lies ahead in the future of healthcare with scalable healthcare leadership programs that create cohesive, high-performing teams.

About the Presenters

Amy Soto

Amy Martinez
Healthcare Program Manager
Center for Creative Leadership

As our Healthcare Program Manager, Amy Martinez pulls from her 10 years of L&D and OE experience in healthcare to provide oversight, support, and expertise for the programmatic and custom solutions for healthcare clients. In this role, she acts as a subject matter expert for design decisions impacting the client’s experience with us,  and she provides thought partnership and support for the overall strategic direction of the healthcare vertical.

Joanne Dias

Joanne Dias
Senior Faculty Member
Center for Creative Leadership

Joanne serves as a senior faculty member for our Global Markets custom work based in Greensboro, NC. Her focus is on designing and delivering customized leadership programs for managers and executives within global organizations. Joanne utilizes her knowledge of organizational behavior, I/O Psychology, and business expertise to develop program designs tailored to each organization’s unique needs. Joanne applies her passion for diversity and development to her work with organizations and their leaders in order to enable them to fulfill their potential in an ever-changing global marketplace.

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