Coaching for Transformation Within Your Organization

people discussing transformation coaching within an organization

On Demand

Duration: 1 hour, 12 minutes

Our experts share insights from our newly launched white paper, Driving Your Strategic Agenda: Coaching for Transformation Within Your Organization, in this webinar. The discussion  is centered around moving beyond the usual tangible and predictable transformation plans, to focus on how in recent years, leaders have started using coaching for transformation at the organizational level — expanding it from a development tool for individuals to one that enables key strategies at the enterprise level, including in support of change leadership.

Watch this webinar that dives deeper into the paper’s insights and uncover how you and your organization can use coaching as a transformation tool to shift and change culture.

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Critical success factors for coaching to create exponential strategic impact 
  • Ways that HR leaders/professionals can get their senior leaders to be open and buy into the idea of going through coaching themselves
  • Realistic, reasonable timeframes that a leader and their organization can expect to see results upon undergoing coaching programs 
  • How HR leaders can better prepare and equip business leaders to anticipate resistance and overcome it 
  • The need to get certified as a coach through an advanced training and how to best match coaches with coachees
  • Other cultural values that align with coaching

About the Presenters

Diana Khaitova

Diana Khaitova
Head of Client Development, APAC
Center for Creative Leadership

Diana leads CCL’s client development efforts in Asia Pacific. In her current role, she is responsible for growing leadership development solutions across the Asia Pacific market and promoting CCL’s mission in the region. The current solutions include Global Asian Leader programs, leading digital and cultural transformation, high-potential programs, as well as executive coaching and digital learning solutions.

Vandana Vishnu

Vandana Vishnu
Director of Coaching, APAC
Center for Creative Leadership

Vandana leads  Asia Pacific coaching talent for CCL. As part of her role, she maintains quality of coaching engagements for all CCL clients and works closely with 120 plus coaches in the APAC region. She is a leadership facilitator and coach with 22 years of experience. She is deeply committed to developing inclusive leadership processes in organizations to positively influence the business outcomes and development of human potential at workplace. The strength of her work with client organizations lies in following a partnership approach that leads to deep and longitudinal engagements with clients.

Anuradha Rai

Anuradha Rai
Center for Creative Leadership

Anuradha Rai is an associate with CCL. She brings 20+ years of senior level experience in a unique intersection of Organizational Transformation and Leadership Development disciplines. Anuradha’s corporate career spans Financial Services, FMCG, and pharmaceutical industries with global and regional roles out of Singapore, New York, and London. In her corporate career, Anuradha was most recently with Credit Suisse  for 12 years in roles leading Organization Change & Workforce Transformation and Talent Development. Prior to that, Anuradha worked with Pfizer (in the UK) and Nestlé (in India). Anuradha is currently the founding Director of People Worth Pvt Ltd, an organizational and leadership transformation consultancy based in Singapore. Her clients are largely Fortune 500 firms, and her engagements have included coaching leadership teams through transformation, leadership development, and managing employee engagement during COVID.

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