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The Future of Corporate Coaching: Guiding Leaders Through Organization-Wide Transformation in a Digitally Accelerated World

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When HR executives and buyers prioritize leadership development options for their senior leaders, corporate coaching is often at the top of the list. Particularly in times of profound change and disruption, executives and senior-level managers need the support of a coach who can help them filter through noise and make clear decisions that propel their organizations into the future. And with research from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) showing that 86% of organizations see an ROI on their coaching engagements, the benefits of corporate coaching are significant.

But as the coaching industry continues to evolve under the influence of a ‘new world of work’ — one that is increasingly digital, agile, and transformed for the post-pandemic world — how will buyers expect corporate coaching to meet these new challenges?

To lead their organizations through massive transformations, senior leaders will need coaches who are specialized — not just in a particular industry, but on a specific topic. These specialized coaches must be familiar with relevant research and industry trends, and they must have the ability to analyze data to help leaders solve unprecedented challenges. 

The future will see corporate coaching that’s focused on an organization’s overall strategy, ultimately helping that organization achieve its mission by crafting senior leaders who are able to operate at peak performance.

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June 21, 2021
About the Author(s)
Frederic Funck
Frédéric Funck leads our coaching business strategy, coaching products innovations, coaching client satisfaction and engagements in the EMEA region. He is a member of Forbes Coaching Council and has written numerous articles and white papers on the future of leadership coaching. Frédéric is also chair of a coaching think tank of 60 prestigious organizations in EMEA and serves a keynote speaker specializing in the topics of peak performance and flow.

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