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Coaches From CCL Volunteer 1,400 Hours of Virtual Coaching for Nurses During Pandemic, Increasing Resilience and Leadership Skills

Learn how CCL coaches volunteered 1,400+ hours of coaching to nurses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the positive results that the pro-bono coaching initiative achieved.

Coaching for Leaders: Why Executives Need Support
Coaching for Leaders: Why Executives Need Support

Providing executives with support is critical for strong organizational performance, especially in times of disruption. Learn how coaching for leaders can help.

Coaching to Improve Performance & Provide Support
Coaching to Improve Performance & Provide Support

Learn the proven ways you can use coaching to improve performance. It can benefit you, your team, and your organization even (and especially) in challenging times and unprecedented uncertainty.

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Creating a Performance Culture by Developing Managers

Novo Nordisk needed a strategic partner that could design and implement a coaching solution for People Managers in 36 countries. That’s where CCL came in.

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Elevating the Virtual Coaching Experience for Greater Impact on Leaders and Organizations

Through focus groups held with our global network of coaches, we’ve uncovered strategies and tactics for getting the most out of the virtual coaching experience.

Executive Coaching for Performance
Executive Coaching for Performance

Coaching for performance can make you more effective in your life and in your career by helping you learn new skills, make changes in mindset, or lead your organization through uncertainty. Learn how this type of leadership coaching works and how to find a great coach.

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The Future of Corporate Coaching: Guiding Leaders Through Organization-Wide Transformation in a Digitally Accelerated World

We surveyed leaders from a range of industries about their expectations for the future of coaching and compiled our insights on the changing landscape of corporate coaching.

The Nuances of Coaching for Change vs. Coaching for Development
The Nuances of Coaching for Change vs. Coaching for Development

Most change-management ventures fail. Coaching can help, but it’s essential to differentiate the use of coaching for development from coaching for change.

Your Organization Should Consider These 4 Different Types of Coaching in the Workplace
Your Organization Should Consider These 4 Types of Coaching

Coaching can drive development and performance at every leader level. Learn the different types of coaching in the workplace that your organization should consider.


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