Elevating the Virtual Coaching Experience for Greater Impact on Leaders and Organizations

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Virtual coaching is not a new concept. Even in the pre-COVID era, many coaches and their coachees chose to conduct the process virtually. The 2020 pandemic, however, forced organizations around the world to shift virtual coaching from “optional” to “default.”

For some coaches, the virtual coaching experience may be nothing new; for others, there’s been a steep learning curve. As virtual coaching continues to be the primary modality used, it brings both opportunities and challenges.

The increase in virtual work and communication that occurred rapidly over the past year has resulted in a population that’s more comfortable with technology and communicating remotely. This shift has made the acceptance of virtual coaching much higher. But on the other hand, the fatigue that has come with increased virtual meetings can lead to the virtual coaching experience feeling like a burden for some.

Like it or not, virtual coaching is here to stay. The question is: “How do we elevate the virtual coaching experience so that we create greater impact on leaders as well as the organizations they serve?” This white paper reveals strategies and tactics that our global network of coaches recommends in order to get the most out of the virtual coaching experience.

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June 4, 2021
About the Author(s)
Sophia Zhao, Ph.D.
Sophia is a Leadership Solution Facilitator at the Center for Creative Leadership. Based in CCL’s APAC office in Singapore, she serves as a facilitator, coach, and researcher, with a focus on the design and delivery of leadership solutions. Through her work, Sophia has supported the growth of leaders from both public and private sectors, representing diverse industries and multiple levels. Sophia has more than fifteen years’ experience in researching oganizational behavior, human resource, and leadership. She has published more than 20 academic journal papers, research reports, white papers and media articles. Sophia holds a Ph.D. degree from National University of Singapore, with full academic scholarship. She also obtained her B.A. degree in economics from Fudan University, where she received the People’s Scholarship every year.
Vandana Vishnu
Vandana leads the Asia Pacific Coaching Talent for CCL. As part of her role she maintains quality of coaching engagements for all CCL clients and works closely with 120 plus coaches in the APAC region. She is a leadership facilitator and coach with 22 years of experience. She is deeply committed to develop inclusive leadership processes in organizations to positively influence the business outcomes and development of human potential at workplace. The strength of her work with client organizations lies in following a partnership approach that leads to deep and longitudinal engagements with clients.

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