Even in good times, when business is booming and employee engagement is high, executive leaders and senior-level managers face a high level of pressure. Not only are they charged with setting the direction for their organizations, but they must also foster alignment and commitment with their teams so the organization moves forward successfully.

But in times of rapid change or disruption to existing business models, the responsibilities of a leader become all the more challenging. It’s through these volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times that inspiring leaders are needed more than ever.

Our research suggests that a behavior-based approach to coaching helps leaders find opportunity in the face of great challenge, and integrate key skills into their daily interactions. In turn, executive coaching has a ripple effect, positively impacting the entire organization.

This white paper explores why, even in challenging business environments, executive coaching remains important. It explains the benefits of coaching during times of disruption, both for leaders and their teams. And it looks at the reasons why businesses prioritize coaching and rely on it as a tool to carry their organizations into the future.

Download this white paper to learn how coaching can help executives navigate through complex situations, especially during times of disruption.

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