Heard any horror stories about 360-degree feedback? Or 360 initiatives that simply fell flat? Research shows that when 360s fail, it’s usually because of botched implementation, not the tool itself.

That’s why CCL insists on creating the best 360-degree processes for using its research-based, validated and client-tested instruments.

If you are looking to introduce 360s in your organization, replace a current tool with a targeted or customized tool or offer one-to-one assessment for a client, CCL’s Assessment Certification Workshop is a smart first step.

You will receive the certification that’s required to administer all 360-degree assessments in the CCL Assessment Suite, including Benchmarks®, 360 BY DESIGN®, Executive Dimensions® and Prospector®.

Just as important, you’ll gain the knowledge you need to structure, design and implement a successful 360-degree program.

“Our goal is to give you the confidence that you can do this,” says Craig Chappelow, a CCL senior manager who specializes in instrument-based feedback. “We spend a lot of time defining and addressing the implementations issues — the common mistakes and typical organizational challenges. And you get plenty of time to practice and ask questions.”

The two-day workshop covers:

  • Various ways 360-degree assessments can be used.
  • How to read and interpret CCL assessments.
  • Giving feedback, including opportunities to practice and observe feedback sessions.
  • Development planning – how to link report data to an action plan.

“We know you’ve got to be wise about how you spend your training and development dollars,” says Chappelow. “A well-chosen, well-implemented 360-degree process is one of the most powerful and cost-effective strategies for developing your leaders.”

CCL offers numerous 360-degree resources, including:

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