Beyond Mentoring: The Critical Need to Sponsor Women in the Workplace

colleagues in office shaking hands and showing critical need to sponsor women in the workplace

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Duration: One hour

About the Webinar

Mentoring at all career stages is important, but mentoring alone isn’t enough. Without influential sponsors too, women leaders are often at a disadvantage for career advancement. The need to sponsor women has never been more critical, as the pandemic and its aftermath have backtracked decades of gains made by women in the workforce.

With an organizational priority to sponsor women, you can create the opportunities and environment for your women leaders to share their talent and thrive as you elevate them to more prominent leadership roles and benefit from their insights and experience. Join us on this webinar as we discuss the critical need to sponsor women and break down what quality sponsorship looks like in practice. 

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Reasons why women are often over-mentored and under-sponsored
  • The difference between what it means to mentor and sponsor women in the workplace
  • Tips for making it a common and expected practice for influential leaders to sponsor women in your organization 
  • Ways promoting sponsorship can lead to higher retention and engagement of your talented women leaders 

Establishing norms to sponsor women in the workplace is a great place to start when looking to support, retain, and engage your talented women leaders. We can work with you to develop a custom women’s leadership development solution, or partner with us to create an organizational culture where all your talent can thrive with our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion practice.


About the Presenters

Allison Barr

Allison Barr
Leadership Solutions Partner
Center for Creative Leadership

Allison Barr is a Leadership Solutions Partner with a rich history in international business and public speaking. Allison enjoys supporting clients with their most complex obstacles, from organizational change, to psychological safety, to the nuanced nature of EDI.

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