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Looking for Leadership Lessons Through Current Events

Leadership lessons don’t need to be reserved for formal classroom and online trainings, they can be extracted from the stories we encounter every day. Join the Center for Creative Leadership’s Ren Washington and Allison Barr as they uncover and highlight the leadership lessons in today’s headlines and popular culture.

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image with microphone and lead with that podcast episode title, what jacinda ardern can teach us about leading with authenticity, empathy, and transparency
June 7, 2021
Lead With That: What Jacinda Ardern Can Teach Us About Leading with Authenticity, Empathy, and Transparency
When Jacinda Ardern became Prime Minister of New Zealand in 2017 she grabbed international attention for her commitments to national well-being and emphasis on social issues. She was the first leader to have a child while in power since Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in 1990, and became the first leader to go on maternity leave while in office, returning to work 6 weeks later. Let's explore Ardern’s leadership characteristics that have landed her on Fortune’s Greatest Leaders list and lead with that.
image with microphone and lead with that podcast episode title, what the suez canal can teach us about accountability and resilience
May 7, 2021
Lead With That: What the Suez Canal Can Teach Us About Accountability and Resilience
What happened with the Ever Given can be chalked up to basic physics, the massive size of the actual ship, potential human error, and maybe even climate change. But at CCL, we don’t only look at the circumstances or the symptoms of a problem, we want to find out the source and the root of issues. So where was leadership during all of this? How did leaders make a difference or contribute to this accident in the first place? How did leadership find the fix? Let’s take a look at the lessons in accountability and resilience that we can learn from the Suez Canal and lead with that.
image with microphone and lead with that podcast episode title, what gamestop can teach us about disruption and culture change
April 16, 2021
Lead With That: What GameStop Can Teach Us About Disruption and Culture Change
In December, GameStop was trading at a little under $13. And at the time of this recording, it is trading at $193. This feels like a lot of disruption. A group of subredditors took on the Wall Street Establishment an disrupted the way Wall Street does business, at least for a bit. It got us thinking about disruption and its role in behavior change. Is this kind of disruption the key to changing the way work is done? From a leadership perspective, is harnessing disruption the missing piece of culture change in the workplace? Let’s talk about the lessons we can learn from the GameStop headlines and lead with that.
image with microphone and lead with that podcast episode title, what solar energy can teach us about mindset and organizational change
April 2, 2021
Lead With That: What Solar Energy Can Teach Us About Mindset and Organizational Change
Solar is officially the cheapest energy in history. According to the International Energy Agency, solar is 20-50% cheaper than traditional energy sources. As solar becomes a profitable way to save our planet, it might seem to be the renewable energy of choice. So why aren’t we making solar the primary source of energy? As you might imagine, the answer to this is complex and simple, but fortunately for us offers some great insights into why change, both at an individual and organizational level, is more difficult than you might think. Let’s talk about why, despite its merits, people are resistant to adopting solar energy and lead with that.

About the Podcast Hosts

Meet the hosts bringing you fresh leadership insights from today’s headlines.

Ren Washington

Ren Washington is a Leadership Solutions Partner committed to helping clients address their most challenging and complex issues around organizational change and innovation, equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), executive presence and image, influence, and resilience.

Allison Barr

Allison Barr is a Leadership Solutions Partner with a rich history in international business and public speaking. Allison enjoys supporting clients with their most complex obstacles, from organizational change, to psychological safety, to the nuanced nature of EDI.

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