Mentoring Women

All successful leaders need a network of champions who can provide guidance and support and advocate on their behalf.

Discover why mentoring and sponsoring are critically important to career advancement — particularly for women — and learn how your organization can attract and retain more talented women leaders.

With our free guide and workbook, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between a mentor and a sponsor, and why high potentials need both;
  • How to recognize and respond to unconscious bias;
  • Ways to identify and approach a possible mentor or sponsor;
  • Questions to ask to maximize the impact of a mentor-mentee conversation;
  • Specific, simple ways to use your influence to help advance talented women colleagues;
  • How to have a developmental conversation with a mentee or a rising star; and
  • Tips for executives and HR teams to build the pipeline of women leaders at your organization.

Use these resources to commit to being a mentor or sponsor to the women in your organization. Together, we can help create a network of champions for talented women.

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This article explains why mentorship and sponsorship are critically important to career advancement — particularly for women.

Start the conversation at your organization with this tipsheet — a preview of what you’ll access when you download our full workbook and guide.

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Building Stronger Mentoring Networks for Women Leaders: Research & Resources

Women Need a Network of Champions - Mentorship and Sponsorship in the Workplace

Women Need a Network of Champions

Mentoring and sponsoring are important — particularly for women as they advance in their careers. To advance, women need a network of champions to guide them. Learn why mentoring and sponsoring are important.


Customized Solutions for Women’s Leadership Development

We’d love to partner with you to develop a customized solution that helps your organization attract, retain, and advance talented women leaders at every level. 

We’ve been at the forefront of women’s leadership development for over 40 years and have worked with nearly 2/3 of the world’s Fortune 1000 companies. Request a free consultation with our women’s leadership development experts today!

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