Being a good listener is vital to a person’s success. Merely believing you listen well does not inherently make you an active listener. High achievers know how to develop trust and relationships with others using the power of listening. Listening to understand is difficult for some because of the emotional interactions they may encounter. However successful people can be empathetic and know “how to talk less, and listen more.” The greatest thing is that listening to understand is a skill that can be learned.


CCL’s Listen to Understand workshop provides tools and skills to make it easier to learn and practice effective listening. By learning specifically what to do (or avoid doing) to be a better listener, you can encounter fewer misunderstandings, resolve more conflicts, and waste less time.

Workshop Experience

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What are the benefits for those participating?

  • Learn to listen
  • Know specifically what to do or to avoid doing to be a better listener
  • Avoid misunderstandings and wasted time
  • Use your superpower of Listening to Understand to resolve conflicts

Who would use this Workshop Kit?

Internal HR and Training & Development professionals who aim to strengthen communication through effective listening.

Business Unit Leaders, Team Leaders or Project Leaders tasked with improving performance by helping their team improve trust and relationships.