Here’s the reality:

Talent is developed 70% on the job, 20% through relationships, and 10% in programs. That’s why we offer more than a talent development program.

We offer experience-driven talent management, a holistic approach that links talent at all levels to performance and execution to create ready-now leaders and real results that matter.

Can you answer “yes” to any of the following questions? If so we can help.

Do you need to develop leaders faster to meet the demands of your business with talent development programs?

Could you be getting more out of your talent management processes and efforts?

Could your line managers be more effective in talent development and management?

We develop your people at all levels faster through experience-driven talent management by delivering these outcomes:

Optimize the use of existing resources through a practical, customized solution

Align talent development with organizational strategy — so the right people with the right skills in the right positions drive the business forward

How We’re Different and Better

  • Our approach puts their on-the-job experience—a virtually untapped resource—at the center of the process
  • Our approach is grounded in our pioneering research with tens of thousands of managers and leaders around the world
  • We help you capture more return on your investment in talent development
  • Our talent development program approach has distinct phases, with distinct, measurable outcomes

Thought Leadership

An infographic that outlines 4 requirements needed to accelerate talent development.

Even small differences in leadership competency and technical expertise can lead to highly differentiated outcomes in the marketplace. It is imperative that we accelerate the development of managers and better prepare them for senior leadership roles.

– Sissy McKee