How to Build and Maintain Your Leadership Brand

Successful actors, authors and politicians have savvy, proactive agents helping guide their careers. Don’t you wish you had that, too? Someone to help you think through career goals and to help you keep your career on a track that corresponds to your long-term goals — in life and work.

In this interactive session, based on CCL’s latest book, Leadership Brand: deliver on your promise, you’ll learn to take a new look at your career. What’s your style of leadership? What’s your long-term vision for your career and what are the next steps that you need to take to move you closer to fulfilling this vision? What do you want your brand to be? Tools provided in this session will help you proactively explore your own career and show you how to coach your high potentials to do the same.

As a participant, you will:

  • Assess your current leadership brand and identify opportunities for creating the brand you want.
  • Develop your leadership point-of-view and articulate your unique added value as a leader and how you want others to experience your leadership.
  • Learn the tools to helping your high potentials craft their most effective leadership brands, too.

The CCL Speakers Bureau brings top-notch leadership experts directly to you – in person or virtually. Combining our latest research with extensive leadership training experience, CCL speakers help prepare you and your organization for success with dynamic and practical perspectives on today’s most compelling leadership issues.

Pricing for keynote presentations starts at $10,000. Nonprofit clients may be eligible for a discount.