Based on the latest research from CCL, featured in the publication, Experience-Driven Leader Development, evidence shows that learning from experience is the number one way leaders develop.  Yet experience-driven leader development receives far less attention and organizational resources than formal training and coaching. Learn how your organization can harness the power of job experiences for effective leader development. 

This session highlights four strategies to put experience at the heart of leader development: (1) get more leaders into the right stretch experiences for development, (2) equip leaders to learn as much as possible from each experience, (3) build on-the-job development into talent management systems, and (4) shape organizational culture in ways that enable, rather than inhibit, experience-driven learning.

As a participant, you will

  • Experience tools for enhancing on-the-job development.
  • Analyze best practices for putting experience at the heart of leader development.
  • Develop a plan for enhancing experience-driven development in your organization.

The CCL Speakers Bureau brings top-notch leadership experts directly to you – in person or virtually. Combining our latest research with extensive leadership training experience, CCL speakers help prepare you and your organization for success with dynamic and practical perspectives on today’s most compelling leadership issues.

Pricing for keynote presentations starts at $10,000. Nonprofit clients may be eligible for a discount.