The CCL Speakers Bureau brings top-notch leadership experts directly to you. Combining our latest research with extensive leadership training experience, CCL speakers help prepare you and your organization for success with dynamic and practical perspectives on today’s most compelling leadership issues.

Pricing for keynote presentations starts at $10,000. Nonprofit clients may be eligible for a discount.

Top 5 Requested Topics


Boundary Spanning Leadership

Catalyze collaboration, drive innovation, transform organizations—Boundary Spanning Leadership can turn today’s limiting borders into tomorrow’s limitless frontiers.


Building Resilience in Times of Change

People today are experiencing extremely high levels of stress in the workplace. As a leader, driving high performance AND fostering sustainable well-being for yourself and your people can be a challenge.

Finding Your Influence Voice - CCL Speaker's Bureau

Finding Your Influence Voice

Influence plays a role in many complex situations, so developing this crucial competency will make you a better leader.


Innovation Leadership: Working with Others to Create New Solutions

Driving organizational growth and implementing solutions require a culture that nurtures creative thinking and innovation. To achieve this, focus on “what’s next,” not “what’s working now.”


Leadership and the Brain

The powerful intersection of neuroscience and leadership has profound implications for leaders. Explore how to learn and lead with enhanced energy and creativity.

Other Popular Topics from CCL’s Speakers Bureau


A Leader’s Approach to Building Trust

Understand the complex factors that can lead to distrust in the workplace and learn how to overcome them.


Beating the Impostor Syndrome

What is the Impostor Syndrome? Many high-achieving professionals experience this phenomenon but frequently don’t acknowledge it or understand how to overcome it.


Diversity: Seeing Change Differently

By understanding ourselves as mutual minorities, we can build new paradigms that fit this century of globalization.


Five Truths about Millennials

Managers and HR leaders often grumble or rant about the trouble with Millennials. But much of the frustration is based on partial truths and mythology, not fact.


Future Trends in Leadership Development

The work environment is changing, and the challenges facing today’s leaders are growing more complex. To succeed, your organization needs insight into the future of leadership training.


How to Build and Maintain Your Leadership Brand

How strong is your leadership brand? What is your unique leadership point-of-view? And how can you encourage your team to discover theirs?


Keys to Successful Mentoring

Mentoring is a fundamental leadership skill. Good mentors are good leaders because they practice the value of understanding others.


Succession Management: Building Bench Strength

Ask executives about the most critical challenge facing their organizations, and they will say talent. Succession management is crucial – the question is, “Does it happen by default or design?”


The Power of Networks

Connections give leaders an edge. And not having the right networks can derail your success. Effectively building, maintaining, and leveraging networks is critical for all leaders.


The Survival Guide for the First-time Manager

Understand the struggles first-time managers have and help them overcome the challenges relevant to their new leadership roles.

Dr. Peter Ronayne is an extraordinarily effective and engaging presenter. He successfully intersects technical research with practical hands on experience. We could have used more than a half day with him; that is a good learning point for our organization. CCL has a strong brand and credibility and we hope to work with you again in the future.

– Susan B. Horne, President & CEO, LEAD VIRGINIA

Cathleen Clerkin had an excellent rapport with the audience, and  great use of personal and professional stories.   Her slides clearly conveyed the  content and her interactions with the audiences were good.

– Lois J. Geist, MD, MS, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Development
Professor of Internal Medicine – Pulmonary, Critical Care and Occupational Medicine
University of Iowa Health Care

Nick Petrie was excellent.  The team enjoyed the workshop and he delivered the content in a way that really resonated with the group.

– Sherri Allen Sides, VP Human Resources, Air Liquide