Micro Learning

Bite-Sized Live Online Leadership Development

Support your team with impactful yet brief micro learning sessions on key leadership topics.

In a fast-changing environment, you need leadership development not only to keep up, but to position your leaders to innovate and build a culture that thrives in any environment.

Our short, live online leadership micro learning sessions deliver critical skills that advance your team or organization in quick, small doses. Support your leaders with an immersive and innovative 4-hour digital learning experience that engages them in compelling conversations with small cohorts and equips them to navigate change and disruption through interactive exercises.

Our high trainer-to-participant ratio allows faculty to build connections with each learner and help meet each participant’s individual needs.

  • Each module is an interactive, 4-hour live online session especially for leaders and organizations in APAC
  • S$588.50 (inclusive of local taxes) per person
  • Max class size is 24 participants
  • Can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time
  • Select from modules below, or build your own micro learning session using our wide range of leadership topics

Sample Leadership Micro Learning Modules

Micro Learning Module: Leading Through Change

Our Leading through Change module, appropriate for all leader levels, moves beyond typical “change management” processes to focus on the “change leadership” skills required to successfully engage and drive employee commitment — the primary success factor in any change. Focusing on communication, collaboration, and commitment helps insure that that your leaders can align their team, peers, boss, and organization with their change efforts.


  • Drive progress on a real change they are currently leading
  • Explore and manage their own change preferences
  • Understand and recognize the process of change and transition
  • Leverage the power of the 3 C’s of change – Communication, Collaboration, and Commitment
  • Identify and collaborate with stakeholders during change
  • Apply key lessons to any organizational change challenge

Micro Learning Module: Leading in Crisis

How you and your organization show up in the midst of crisis matters. Analysis and action are nothing without perspective and compassion. Drawing on real-time learning and 5 decades of research, this course is for senior level leaders caught in, or supporting those caught in, an emerging, ambiguous and multi-faceted threat to their business and people. You will learn from us — and your leadership peers across industries in similar situations — how to assess and make meaning of an ambiguous and changing landscape, ignite commitment, and calibrate meaning while integrating new information and making strategic decisions.


  • Develop the ability to embody authentic leadership and show up this way in times of disruption
  • Understand what authentic leadership is
  • Learn to develop their own capability to be authentic, even during a crisis
  • Build and support trust during times of change and uncertainty
  • Impact the human side of change and transition
  • Practiced and applied authentic leadership capabilities to their leadership challenges

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