Integrated Coaching

Extend leadership development beyond the classroom — and multiply your return on investment — with integrated coaching.

It’s one thing to learn leadership in a course. But to really maximize your investment, take it a step further with integrated coaching. A combination of coaching and leadership training helps you ensures program learning is applied in the workplace, sustaining increased performance and lasting change.

“The self-awareness I had developed would have faded over time naturally, as it would with anyone. The good thing is I continued the process with my coach. I believe during that 5 months of follow-up coaching, the good habits of self-feedback and self-reflection were formed.”

Jianhui Zhou

Jianhui Zhou

HC SemiTek Corporation

Integrated Coaching Solutions

Combine Coaching and Leadership Training to Make Learning Stick

Leadership training shouldn’t end when participants finish their coursework. Integrated coaching and leadership training ensures that valuable lessons learned will be remembered, applied, and internalized.

Our integrated coaching services are designed to encourage and motivate participants in the pivotal months following a leadership program. Upon returning to work after a program, some leaders find it difficult to stay focused on their goals. Others find it challenging to change their actions and behaviors, despite having new knowledge.

Our coaches can provide the 1:1 encouragement, motivation, and accountability your leaders need — before, during, and after a leadership program  — to ensure better and accelerated learning and lasting outcomes.

Why Choose Our Integrated Coaching Solutions?

Impactful behavior change takes time. Reinforce and reaffirm new strategies and skills acquired by your leaders by packaging our globally recognized coaching and leadership training together.

  • Integrating coaching into our leadership development programs lets leaders try new behaviors in the workplace and reflect on the impact, all while creating new and sustainable habits.
  • We can integrate coaching and leadership training to build on individual assessment information, 360-degree feedback, specific program reflections, and goal-setting.
  • Integrated coaching can be delivered from anywhere, on a flexible schedule, with virtual coaching.

You can be confident your leadership coach will be in the top 3% of coaches in the world, as our coaches undergo a rigorous selection, training, and quality control process unlike any in the industry. You’re also ensured an excellent fit between the coach and coachee and productive integrated coaching relationship, as we continuously monitor the effectiveness of coaches and their value to clients.

Our experts take your leaders’ technical expertise, skillset, personality, and language into account to match your leaders with the right coach, drawing from our deep well of over 600 highly trained, world-class coaches.

What Our Clients Are Saying

At CCL, we measure success by lives touched and impact made. That’s why the organizations we work with and the leaders we transform consistently tell us the same thing: their experience with us is a game-changer. Our integrated coaching solutions have helped to sustain the learning for thousands of leaders at organizations around the globe.

But don’t just take our word for it — take theirs.

“CCL created a safe haven for participants to open up and be vulnerable. It wasn’t just providing content, but creating an environment for participants to safely analyze themselves as leaders.”


Program Head

ABS-CBN University

“We spend a lot of time formulating and implementing our strategy. Our time with CCL allows the senior leaders to step back and reflect on the human impact of our strategic decisions and the implications for the leadership culture necessary to achieve our aims.”

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Walter Bayly


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