Disruption in the financial services industry is the highest it’s ever been. To stay relevant and compete in this rapidly changing marketplace, firms need to be more agile. That requires shifting the corporate culture from a mindset of “this is how we’ve always done things” to one of continuous innovation. In addition to developing new technologies, products, and services, companies must also invest in developing leaders who are able to adapt and thrive.

At CCL, we understand the unique and escalating challenges faced by the banking, insurance, and investment sectors. That’s why we’ve designed solutions to help you succeed in today’s evolving and disruptive landscape. With a customized leadership development program for finance professionals, you can empower leaders at all levels within your organization to spark and sustain transformational change.

Invest in the one constant that can guide your organization through continuous change: your people. 

Our leadership programs create results that matter. Here’s how our past financial service sector participants feel:

Would recommend CCL to a colleague.

Felt more engaged as an employee & more committed to their organization.

Were overall satisfied with their CCL experience.

Our Approach to Leadership in Financial Services

At CCL, we believe that great leadership is the catalyst for success in today’s ever-changing financial services landscape. We offer a global footprint of world-class leadership training and development, leveraging our unique transformational methodology and our researched-based behavioral approach to leadership development.

With more than 50 years of experience, we offer a systemic and organization-wide approach to leadership transformation, staffing only the best senior facilitators with hands-on industry experience. With a customized leadership development program for finance professionals, you’ll achieve measurable impact and predictable outcomes on your investment in leadership – skills you can effectively use to lead change among your people, your organization, and your industry.

Our Solutions for Leadership in Financial Services

We partner with client organizations to craft leadership development programs for bankers, insurance executives, investment professionals, and other types of financial services leaders, while tailoring our offerings to address the challenges unique to the sector and to your firm. We offer:


Leadership Programs

Experience transformational change through a diverse selection of face-to-face and virtual experiences that match the right learning at the right time for each leader.


Customized Solutions

Our world-class design faculty use an individualized approach to customize leadership solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization.



We offer executive coaching, integrated coaching, and team coaching solutions to
help organizations establish a strong coaching culture.

Establish Next Steps & Accountability


Take  our  expertise and content  and  deliver  training  your  way  with  the convenience  and  independence  you  want  with  the  support  you  need.



At CCL, we pioneered the use of 360-degree assessments and we remain a leader in the field, offering a comprehensive suite of assessments to meet your needs.

  • I had always assumed you were either a natural-born leader or you weren’t. And if you weren’t, too bad, that’s your lot in life. But what I discovered at CCL is that leadership is something you can learn. And if you’re already a good leader, there are skills and techniques you can learn from other people that will make you even better.

    Mary Schapiro Former Chairman and CEO, NASD, and Former Chairperson, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Working with CCL, we know which human factors or talent drivers to focus on to strengthen the individuals and the organization to meet our challenges. We are seeing a change in mindset — from leaders ready and willing to achieve short-term results to leaders ready and willing to step up and become agents of strategic organizational transformation.

    Ursula Alvarez Head of Talent Management, Credicorp

Meet our financial services leadership development expert:

Adam Neiberg

Adam Neiberg

Financial Services Program Manager

Adam Neiberg is the Financial Services Program Manager for CCL, where he brings 18 years of experience in the Financial Services industry. Adam utilizes his experience and networks to provide oversight, support, and expertise for leadership and organizational solutions for CCL’s global financial service practice. In this role, he is the subject matter expert for design decisions impacting the client’s CCL experience and provides thoughtful leadership and support for the overall strategic direction of the practice. He also focuses on business development to create long-term value for CCL with an emphasis on growing and strengthening our financial services relationships and partnering with colleagues.

You’ve got challenges. We’ve got solutions: Financial Services Leadership Development Programs that Work.

Embrace Disruption

The pace of change and emergence of new competitors is accelerating and the list of disruptive factors is long: FinTech and non-traditional competitors, cryptocurrencies and cybersecurity, blockchain, AI and RegTech/InsureTech, and more. Don’t let resistance to change slow your progress. We can teach your leaders how to adapt and thrive through financial services leadership development.

Acquire & Retain Talent

For institutions to grow through change, they must put a plan in place to hire top talent and equip current staff with the skills they’ll need in the future. Our financial services leadership development programs can help you cultivate successful leaders at every level who adapt to change easily, make quick decisions, and understand the broader strategic implications for their organizations.

Build & Evolve Ecosystems

Technology is paramount to financial services organizations, and successful integration of technology will ultimately reduce costs, increase efficiency, and enhance the customer experience. Our financial services leadership development programs give you strategies to inspire teams while embracing new technology, collaboration, mergers and acquisitions, and changing ecosystems.

Overcome Competitive Pressures

New entrants in the market offer seamless simplicity and integration with innovative business models. FinTech companies aren’t just capturing market share, some are embedding themselves in our daily lives. Our financial services leadership development programs can help you develop a clear vision and a strategic plan that enables you to adapt and thrive in today’s highly competitive environment.

Integrate Global Perspectives

Financial services organizations have a growing global perspective and presence as the world becomes more and more connected via technology and digital conveniences. Our financial services leadership development programs can offer global perspective on how to integrate best practices into new regions and help develop solutions that address global challenges of both today and tomorrow.

Achieve Transformational Leadership

To be successful, leaders must seek growth for themselves, their teams, and their organizations. They must strive for transformation without backing down and drive necessary shifts in organizational culture. Our financial services leadership development programs help organizations keep pace with new trends and transform leaders from reactionary to driving shifts in organizational culture.

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