The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) brings extensive leadership development experience to financial institutions around the world. Whether your organization is active in retail or corporate banking, investment banking, asset management, insurance, or payments, we have research-based methodology and expertise to support you with individual, team, and organizational leadership development.

CCL can help you create a strategic advantage by strengthening your leaders at all levels and by transforming your culture.

Whether your institution faces implementing a large-scale organizational change, wants to retain top talent, strengthen its leadership pipeline, develop its talent pool, or is looking for a custom-designed leadership development solution, you can turn to CCL as your trusted partner for leadership development in the financial services industry.

The Challenges Facing Financial Institutions

Delivering steady growth in uncertain environments with market volatility and new regulatory requirements and disruptive technologies is difficult. Recruiting experienced leaders and retaining high-potential workers is typically an ongoing challenge, too.

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • Your organization is struggling with significant business challenges. What worked before doesn’t anymore.
  • Senior executives need to collaborate more effectively.
  • Administrators, managers, and team members must work in new ways and lead in a changing environment.

Rapid and significant changes are driven by advances in digital technology, competition from new players in the industry, new business models, and regulatory changes. That’s why you need a leadership strategy that connects to the larger business strategy and isn’t just segmented within business units.

CCL has a different approach that can help you meet these challenges.

Why Leadership Matters for Financial Institutions

Financial services institutions face extraordinary pressure to sustain profitability in a regulatory and economic environment that changes constantly, with critical new technologies emerging and a steady stream of new entrants to the marketplace.

The key to meeting these challenges is strong leadership.

CCL research has found that leaders in financial services institutions are typically less proficient at 2 key leadership skills: building collaborative relationships and leading employees. Yet managers in financial services rate these competencies as essential for success.

At high-performing organizations:

  • Leaders and staff are engaged in their work.
  • Communication is clear, direct, and open across the enterprise.
  • Transparent collaboration is part of the culture; organizational silos don’t get in the way.
  • Innovative solutions are shared and implemented throughout the company.
  • Continuous learning is encouraged and rewarded.
  • Leaders bridge silos, and act strategically and decisively in times of chaos and ambiguity.
  • A high-energy environment supports employees in managing stress.

CCL partners with financial services organizations around the globe to shift their talent development from business education to leadership development — building self-awareness and effective talent systems to make sure the right people are in the right places. This way, employees aren’t assets to be managed, but investors to be valued and grown.

Financial services organizations come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own challenges and strategies. Leadership is the common factor that has the biggest impact on their performance.

Leader Capability Leading employees
Participative management
Building & mending relationships
Self awareness
Broad organizational perspective
Building & leading a team
Talent Pipeline Managing & retaining talent for critical positions
Identifying & developing bench strength
Fostering feedback, learning, & a culture of coaching
Boundary Spanning Building problem-solving networks & relationships
Thinking, acting, & influencing systemically
Leveraging differences to drive improvements & innovation
Capacity for Complexity & Change Transforming the culture
Leading through & living with ambiguity
Managing the technical & the personal side of change
Maximizing energy for greater effectiveness
Maintaining health & well-being
Aligning personal & organizational values

Our Experience

CCL understands the leadership skills required to meet the challenges of financial services institutions. We have nearly 50 years of research and real-world experience working with tens of thousands of organizations around the world.

From the first conversations to the final evaluation report, our programs are designed to provide maximum learning and growth for your leaders at the individual, team, and system level. We do that by:

  • Incorporating assessment and feedback.
  • Applying proven leadership research, models, and tools.
  • Using coaching and virtual learning to help participants apply their new skills on the job.
  • Deepening the impact through work-based assignments, team facilitation, coaching, and senior-level support.

For financial services institutions, we add in a solid understanding of your business’s unique challenges and leadership needs.

Our Solutions

Our open-enrollment programs provide fast, high-impact development. For developing and retaining your high-potentials at every leader level, the Leadership Development ProgramLeading for Organizational Impact, or Leadership at the Peak often make sense. These are available to any of your employees. For larger groups, we can bring these programs to your site.

For more complex or systemic challenges, our custom leadership solutions provide a high ROI. These solutions are designed from the ground up to directly address your organization’s most challenging problems and strengthen its internal development capabilities.

Our expert faculty draw from an extensive library of training methods and leadership research, plus their own hands-on experience, to create measurable, high-impact programs. The result is that your organization is better equipped to navigate today’s turbulent economic and regulatory environment.

Our Strengths

  • Successful track record working with executives, functional managers, team leaders, and individual contributors, as well as developing the leadership capacity of senior leadership teams and senior executives.
  • Best-in-class portfolio of leadership programs for building a foundation of individual leader talent within the organization and across the system.
  • Custom-created programs and initiatives based on client-driven discovery process and CCL best practices.
  • Research and evaluation expertise, creating in-depth knowledge and continuous improvement of our approach to leadership development in the financial services sector.
  • The world’s largest, confidential 360-degree assessment database.
  • Ranked as one of the world’s top providers of executive education in BusinessWeek and Financial Times executive education surveys.

Marc Dellaert, Global Practice Leader will connect you with our experts around the world in London – Germany – New York – Dubai – other locations to learn more about CCL’s financial services leadership framework.

Driving Performance in Financial Services

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I had always assumed you were either a natural-born leader or you weren’t. And if you weren’t, too bad, that’s your lot in life. But what I discovered at CCL is that leadership is something you can learn. And if you’re already a good leader, there are skills and techniques you can learn from other people that will make you even better.

—Mary Schapiro
Former Chairman and CEO, NASD, and Former Chairperson, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

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