Education Leadership for the Classroom, the School, and the Community

Whether you are an organization seeking to improve education in your community, or a principal eager to participate in research-driven educational leadership training, we have a program to meet your needs.

We’ll help you:

  • Promote a culture where learning occurs every day.
  • Assess your culture and assist in building a more trusting and inclusive climate.
  • Build collaborative relationships in your school, district, or community.

Many of our initiatives in the K12 education sector are funded through philanthropic investments. Learn more about our partnerships with foundations and philanthropy.

I am at a point in my career where my role has shifted and I need to think about supporting principals in a new way. My experience at CCL with the Margaret Waddington Leadership Initiative was very timely and helped me think about a reset as an educator. I’m excited about this opportunity for continued growth!

– Bonnie Johnson-Aten

Principal Supervisor

Let’s Get Started

To help you find the right educational leadership program, select your role:

You’ve got one the toughest jobs. Keeping standardized test scores up, hiring and evaluating teachers, communicating with parents, and managing a school where a diverse range of students can thrive.

Leadership training for educators is great in concept, but can you fit it in — to your budget, your schedule, and your culture?

CCL offers programs that enrich your leadership skills, help your faculty work collaboratively, and nurture budding student leaders. We’ve got practical programs, and proven results, in every price range.

“Of all the professional development I have been involved in over my 13 years in education, SLEI and CCL far surpass any learning experience I have ever been privileged to attend. This program is a MUST for all South Carolina administrators, I believe.”

Amy Mims, Former Principal, Grove Elementary School, Piedmont, South Carolina

Developing Soft Skills

Efficacy 8%
Hope 7%
Resiliency 5%

Our program for Kentucky school principals yielded significant increases in efficacy, hope, and resiliency — which has been shown to lead to greater employee retention, higher job satisfaction, and improved organizational citizenship.

You juggle a lot of roles. You are the CEO, the fundraiser, and the employee of an organization with time-honored traditions and rigorous standards.

CCL partners with independent school chiefs to deliver proven solutions customized to your institution’s unique challenges, mission, and vision. Whether you need to increase your leadership effectiveness, develop educational leadership within your faculty, or offer training to your students, we have credentialed, research-backed programs that work.

“Leadership and citizenship is a part of our DNA at Ravenscroft. We couldn’t have a better partner in this effort than the Center for Creative Leadership.”

Doreen Kelly, Head of School, Ravenscroft School, Raleigh, NC


The percent of students who see themselves as leaders after undergoing our leadership training program.

You are the CEO, the change agent, and the day-to-day manager who shapes the lives of thousands of future adults. It’s a huge responsibility. You need educational leadership development with a proven track record, a fair price, and the option to customize the training to your specific needs.

We deliver research-backed leadership training for educators in rural, suburban, and urban school districts. Our programs can adapt to your specific needs, including supported experiential training.

“CCL created a space for me to explore my strengths, principles, beliefs, and opportunities for growth. (It) centered me, grounded me as a leader. I realized that if I am clear about what I will go to the mat for, then the people around me aren’t guessing about what I believe or what is important.”

Deb Delisle, Former Superintendent and executive with the Ohio Department of Education


The percent of principals who describe our programs as relevant to their job. Training is critical to reducing principal turnover that averages 25% annually.

You’ve got a mandate to improve education in your region. But you need proven educational leadership training that will last long after the program is over. Training that is fresh, engaging, and valuable.

We provide research-backed professional leadership training for educators with credentialed, relevant, and unique programming designed to deliver classroom success.

“We want to make a difference by empowering school principals. We researched training programs around the country and we decided on CCL because its focus is the individual. CCL has a track record of working with education leaders and monitoring results.”

Dave Adkisson, President and CEO, Kentucky Chamber Commerce


The number of collaborative relationships developed between teachers and administrators at one school following a CCL program. Collaborative environments increase teacher retention and build successful professional learning communities.

K–12 Educational Leadership Tools & Resources

We have a variety of tools and resources to help you understand and build educational leadership.

New! Building Student Leadership Capacity

Learn more about our research-based framework for developing youth leaders.


Affordable Student Leadership Development

Choose cost-effective solutions for cultivating student leadership.

  • Early Leadership Toolkit
    With 20 different leadership topics, the modules can be mixed and matched to design a program that is a half-day long to a full semester.
  • ValueAble Leader Project
    Focused on leadership philosophy and values, and designed for students 15–24, this new offering includes accessibility features for students with learning differences.

Price: Starting at $250

Investments for Student and Staff Development

Leverage your own expertise and enhance educational leadership development for your team and/or learn new skills.

  • Leadership Indicator for Students™
    A short assessment designed to help students find their strengths and identify where they could improve. Contact us to learn more.
  • Workshop Kits
    Single-topic kits for your internal development. Choices that are good for educators include:

    • Direction, Alignment, Commitment: Achieving Better Results Through Leadership
      Enables individuals to work together as a cohesive group to produce results.
    • Feedback That Works
      Teaches an effective feedback model that enables your employees to give and receive focused, productive feedback.

Price: Starting at $3,000

Custom K–12 Solutions

Custom solutions take full advantage of our skilled faculty and research-based design. Tell us about your organization and what you are looking for, and we’ll help prepare an educational leadership program that meets your needs.

Price: Starting at $10,000

How We’re Making a Difference in Educational Leadership

Ravenscroft & CCL: Transforming K-12 Education Through Leadership Development

Case Study
Transforming K-12 Education Through Leadership Development

For the past 5 years, a one-of-a-kind partnership between CCL and Ravenscroft in Raleigh, NC, has led to exciting results in early leadership education.

Accelerating School Success: Transforming K-12 Schools by Investing in Leadership Development

White Paper
Accelerating School Success: Transforming K-12 Schools by Investing in Leadership Development

Leadership development can create the needed culture change necessary to improve outcomes for students.

Leadership Development Drives Positive School Outcomes

Case Study
Leadership Development Drives Positive School Outcomes

The South Carolina Department of Education found itself facing a dilemma. Nearly half the state’s principals would be eligible to retire within just five years.

Ohio School Leadership Institute: Highlights of Program Impact

Case Study
Ohio School Leadership Institute: Highlights of Program Impact

The Ohio School Leadership Institue (OSLI) summarized their findings about the efficacy of the 19 cohorts that completed the OSLI academy.