The Education Sector at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) brings a leadership development resource to educational leaders to address the complexity involved in providing robust learning environments in K-12, college and university settings.  CCL knows that schools’ leaders need specialized development.

CCL has a dedicated Education Sector staff, with extensive knowledge and background in education, both in the classroom and in administration. We are committed to supporting leaders to embrace change, build strong teams and successfully overcome organizational challenges they face in their educational communities. Our experience gives us a deep understanding of client context and an appreciation for every client’s unique needs.

The Center for Creative Leadership  is a non-profit, educational institution engaged in a continuous cycle of turning ideas into action and action into ideas. We teach from our research and learn from our teaching. We act on what we learn by developing new views of leadership, new assessment techniques, programs and strategies responding to the evolving challenges faced by leaders and their organizations.

We believe self-knowledge is the most important factor in the practice of leadership. Becoming more acutely aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses is a type of “unfreezing” which leads to accurately setting goals and taking action to improve. we help leaders “learn how to learn” from colleagues, their organization and competition. Most importantly, we help leaders learn from their own experience.

We combine 360-degree feedback, individual assessment and personalized attention in a safe, confidential environment designed to encourage candor, self-examination and experimentation with new behaviors vital to development. Participants are pushed to explore their strengths and identify their development needs in special activities, breakout sessions and simulations that replicate real-world challenges without the real-world consequence of failure. The result is creative exploration, insight and experiential learning that has time and again helped inspire executives and managers to revitalize and focus their organizations. This feedback is frequently cited as the most valuable part of our programs.

Special Announcements

Results That Matter: How Businesses Are Helping to Change the Face of Education

Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

It’s not rocket science. Making sure students achieve at the highest levels gives them the best foundation for success later in life. It also gives companies future access to a skilled workforce that’s essential for remaining competitive for years to come. With both those outcomes in mind, the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce partnered with CCL in 2011 to begin offering its school principals executive-level leadership training through The Kentucky Leadership Institute for School Principals. Since its inception, 158 principals from schools in 64 counties across Kentucky have graduated from the program.

The results are impressive. In a survey of Kentucky Leadership Institute alumni:

  • 91% say their participation has made them more effective at influencing others to ensure student success.
  • 89% say the program prepared them to lead effective school change.
  • 93% say that as a result of their training, they’re able to achieve more positive outcomes for students, schools, and community.

Selected Clients:

  • Kentucky Leadership Institute for School Principals
  •  Denver Public Schools • Forsyth Technical Community College • Kentucky Chamber of Commerce • Norfolk Public Schools • Ocean County College • Ohio Public Schools • Princeton University • South Carolina Department of Education • University of Alaska • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill • University of North Carolina at Greensboro • Vance Granville Community College • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Empowering Leaders through Opportunity

The world’s leadership can and should reflect the diverse communities in which we live and work. Acting on this belief, CCL extends leadership development opportunities to leaders who typically cannot access our traditional fee-for-service programs — leaders that nevertheless — can and do make a difference.

Those eligible to apply are leaders from:

  • Education
  • Foundations
  • State and Local Governments
  • 501(c)(3) Non-Profits Organizations

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The Center for Creative Leadership is a top-ranked global provider of executive education that develops better leaders through its exclusive focus on leadership education and research.

Founded in 1970 as a nonprofit, educational institution, CCL helps clients worldwide cultivate creative leadership — the capacity to achieve more than imagined by thinking and acting beyond boundaries — through an array of programs, products and other services. CCL established the Education and Nonprofit sector in 1988 to meet the unique needs of education and nonprofit organizations. Our objective is to help organizations build their leadership capacity and make a true, sustainable difference. The sector’s clients are organizations that impact the communities where we live and work, as well as broader society.

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Meet Our Team

Michael DePass
Faculty and K-12 Portfolio Leader

Michael has served in various education sector roles including: principal evaluator, regional director, executive director, and new school developer. Prior to working in K-12 education, Michael was a management consultant for McKinsey & Company and held roles including Assistant Director and Chief Administrative Officer in inner-city and international development organizations.

Michael received his Masters of Business Administration degree from Harvard University, Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from University of Virginia, and a second Bachelor of Theology degree from Hope Bible College.

Greg Cameron
Faculty, Societal Advancement

Greg has an extensive background in education and nonprofit leadership effectiveness, appraisal, and program design, development, and delivery. He is an experienced K-12 educational leader and principal. He served as the Executive Director of the Center of Educator Effectiveness for McREL International and as a partner at Learning Crest before joining CCL. In these roles he was the lead developer of rigorously tested leadership programs and appraisal systems utilized by thousands of educational leaders in the US and Australia. As an ASCD faculty member, he has authored and co-authored over 20 educational leadership focused publications, including personnel appraisal systems, training manuals, articles, and books.

Greg received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado; a Master of Arts degree from the University of Denver; and completed two post graduate programs in education from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Marin Burton
Faculty, Societal Advancement

Marin specializes in leadership program development, design and facilitation training with an intentional focus on engaged pedagogies. She leads faculty development initiatives as well as concentrates on relationship management and culture change initiatives. As a trainer, Marin draws from her community, business and academic acumen and offers a dynamic, learner-centered experience. In her facilitation role, she brings energy and intentional focus to training and development in experiential and engaged teaching methodologies, as well as focus on leadership development for individuals and groups.

Susan Reinecke

Susan Reinecke
Faculty, Societal Advancement

Susan designs and delivers custom designed leadership solutions for K-12, Higher Education, and non-profits that include both short term experiences and systemic initiatives. Her CCL experience has partnered her with numerous clients including High Point University, Ravenscroft School, the National Association of Independent Schools, and the Margaret Waddington Vermont Principals Initiative. She also facilitates capacity development programs for administrators, faculty, coaches and mentors.

Andy Cole

Andy Cole
Adjunct Faculty

Andy is an adjunct faculty member for the Center of Creative Leadership, the University of Virginia, and Virginia Tech University. He is Senior Associate at the Center for Evidence- Based Education and a partner with On Point Leadership, an education consulting firm.

As a member of the National Policy Board for the Educational Administration’s committee, Andy contributed to the creation of the 2015 Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (formerly known as ISLLC standards). He also served on the CCSSO committee which developed the first Model Principal Supervisor standards.

Andy is a highly regarded speaker who routinely presents at national conferences and provides guidance regarding educational policy for foundations, legislatures, and associations in the United States and internationally.

Andy is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He earned his BS and M.Ed. degrees from Temple University.

Client Quotes & Testimonies

“We want to make a difference by empowering school principals. We researched training programs around the country and we decided on CCL because its focus is the individual. CCL has a track record of working with education leaders and monitoring results.”

– Dave Adkisson, President and CEO, Kentucky Chamber Commerce

“The decision to engage the Center for Creative Leadership as the centerpiece for our organization’s new Professional Development Program proved to be an excellent one. To a person, the 24 participants gave the program excellent reviews and several believe it was the single best professional growth opportunity that they have experienced during their career. CCL will be our partner in future programs.”

– Victoria J. Ridge, Director of Organizational Development and Planning for Facilities Princeton University