Personalized leadership development for ultra-high performance

Just as the world’s best athletes benefit from continual coaching, so do business leaders.

Our executive coaches provide one-on-one, customized leadership development opportunities for senior managers and executives. The personal, supportive environment provided by a CCL coach will foster new ways of thinking, acting, and influencing to achieve significant business results.

A platform (and partner) for success

Our executive coaching framework ensures that the coach and the leader establish a sound, constructive relationship from the outset. Through regular contact, the coach understands strengths and weaknesses, which inform the development of innovative, personalized solutions.

CCL experts match leaders from a global pool of over 600 coaching professionals. We will identify coaches that align with the leader’s technical expertise, skill set, personality and language to ensure a productive, rewarding relationship.

Turnkey, Scalable Coaching for Your Entire Organization

We offer rigorous, large-scale 1:1 coaching solutions with a boutique feel. We provide global organizations with turnkey coaching that includes reporting, quality management, coach supervision, and central points of contact.

The Impact of Executive Coaching with CCL

According to our executive coaching participants:

believe CCL coaches shared useful insights and that coaching sessions were valuable

say they’re highly satisfied with their coach and would recommend CCL’s executive coaching services

say the coach helped them become a more effective leader

say coaching helped them contribute more to their organization’s success