A Proven Virtual Approach that Gets Results. Your time is limited and valuable. When you engage a CCL coach – for you or your entire organization – you know you will experience the highest quality coaching available and get results that matter.

For years, CCL coaches have been delivering high impact coaching virtually with 90% of CCL’s more than 20,000 hours of coaching per year happening over phone, video or a web platform.

Complexity, Change or Crisis?

Coaching can strengthen and sustain your resilience and performance, no matter the circumstance.
That’s why top performers in every industry lean on personal coaches.

Virtual Leadership Coaching Breaks through Challenges

Anytime – Lack of time is a key challenge every leader faces. In a virtual environment, leaders can access their coach anytime, anywhere—even outside of traditional business hours – for a short check-in or a longer coaching session to dive in deep.

Anywhere – Geographic limitations and travel are not an issue with virtual coaching. Leaders can choose their coach based on quality and fit and know they can be dialed in from anywhere in the world.

Zero Waste – Virtual leadership coaching reduces or altogether eliminates travel expenses and time associated with traditional face-to-face coaching and traditional leadership development. And you won’t spend time on topics unless they are important to you right now.

Virtual Doesn’t Mean Impersonal – Our approach is personalized and focused on what matters most to you. Our coaches create virtual coaching experiences that are flexible and get results while maintaining a human touch and very personalized feel.

Benefits of Virtual Coaching

Our Expertise in Coaching Translates Online:

CCL offers online services for executive coaching, integrated coaching, team coaching, coaching skills and coaching culture.

With virtual coaching as a part of an integrated leadership development solution

Representing a variety of industries, fields, diverse languages, and cultures

Across an entire organization so that every employee has access to coaching

Flexible enough to meet your organization’s specific needs, and broad enough to handle large global coaching and development projects

To clarify strengths, opportunities for development, and potential goals for coaching

The CCL Coaching Difference

As the leading global provider of high quality executive coaching services, CCL brings together the art and science of just-in-time, personalized leadership development designed to ignite individual, team and organizational effectiveness.

  • The Best Coaches in the World – we hire the top 1%
  • Dedicated to both the Individual and the Organization’s perspectives, needs and goals
  • World Class Assessments with the largest executive-level 360 database in the world
  • Interactive Goal Planning and Development Tools with comprehensive resources
  • Dedicated Support and Turn-key Services for Large Scale Coaching Offered Across an Organization

CCL coaches have a clear mission and philosophy around coaching that blends personal and professional purpose. Our coaches bring a growth-mindset, will be adaptable to you, stay curious, and bring a strong agenda for learning and discovery.

They will both be humble and assertive in their approach as they keep in mind the complexity you face daily in your organization.

Virtual Coaches

Resources on Virtual Coaching


Your Organization Should Consider These 4 Approaches to Coaching

Coaching may be the key to improving performance at your organization. Consider these 4 approaches to maximize your impact.


Coaching Elevates Executive Performance

Coaching is a proven to elevate executive performance, in spite of the tough challenges top leaders face.


Coaching Elevates Executive Performance

Coaching is a proven to elevate executive performance, in spite of the tough challenges top leaders face.



Coaching to Improve Performance: 4 Proven Ways to Do It Right

Research shows that coaching can improve performance in at least 4 ways, and is increasingly available in convenient formats to make it easy to fit into your schedule.

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