Your Digital Guide to Move From Assessments to Action

What are Assessments with CCL Compass™?

Paired with CCL’s elite Benchmarks® Suite and Skillscope® assessments, CCL Compass is a perfect companion tool that transforms insights into actions. CCL Compass is an online tool that gathers your assessment data, interprets it, and recommends what to do next — all in a concise and understandable way. Leaders transition immediately from reviewing insights to making positive changes in the area most relevant to them.


CCL Compass transforms your Benchmarks 360-degree and Skillscope assessments data into actionable plans.

From world-renowned research to actionable solutions.


Simple visuals for understanding CCL competencies at a glance


Real-time ideas
for development plans and goals


Set a direction and
track your progress

Explore leadership advice. Set goals. Personalize a plan. Track progress. All with one powerful online tool.

Features to power your leadership training process.

Just like CCL Compass by itself, when combined with our assessments, CCL Compass features include:

  • Competencies – View over 50 competencies in CCL Compass grouped into five areas: Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Managers, Leading the Function, and Leading the Organization. Click on any competency to drill down to richly detailed information — including videos and articles to inform plan creation.
  • Career Stallers – Help avoid traps that lead to derailment found within five leadership factors: interpersonal relationships, building and leading a team, getting results, adapting to change, and having a broad functional orientation.
  • Goals – Establish development goals to focus your efforts on key improvement areas. Download the goals into a PDF or share your goal with others via email to enhance tracking and accountability.
  • Action Items – Identify the specific steps you will take to change your behavior and accomplish goals. Create, open, and edit them as needed. Select due dates and add them to your calendar. Track your plan for success.
  • Digital Notetaking – Create bookmarks to save the competencies that are relevant to your development. Highlight text to copy it for goal-setting to remind you of important concepts.

One new platform.
A multitude of benefits.

Clarity: Helps you streamline the goal planning process.

Convenience: Provides on-demand, relevant answers to your leadership development questions.

Effectiveness: Enables leaders and executive coaches to improve motivation and outcomes.

Accountability: Documents the plan and tracks progress to share with coaches and others.


See the benefits for yourself.

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