Assessing the Lessons of Experience


Since its introduction by the Center for Creative Leadership in 1987, Benchmarks has been used by over 16,000 organizations and 200,000 leaders. Benchmarks for Managers is a comprehensive 360-degree assessment for middle to upper-level managers that measures 16 competencies critical for success, as well as five possible career derailers. This in-depth analysis of observable behaviors provides managers with a solid assessment of their leadership competencies.


  • Assesses Lessons of Experience
  • Shows how others perceive strengths and development needs
  • Starts the process of feedback-based individual development

Special Features

  • Based on research of how successful managers develop, and why they derail
  • Feedback report includes written comments section
  • Provides normative comparison of results with other successful managers
  • Option to choose one additional norm comparison — over 70 available, including country, function and organizational sector
  • Development Planning Guide helps participants focus feedback and develop a strategy for change; includes FYI For Your Improvement™ Translator that helps participants identify development remedies
  • Group Profiles available
  • Available in multiple languages

Workshops and Services

Assessment Certification Workshop

Assessment Certification Workshop

Developed to certify participants to administer the assessments in CCL's portfolio: Benchmarks® by Design™, Benchmarks® for Managers™, Benchmarks® for Executives™, Benchmarks® for Learning Agility™, and Skillscope®.

Coaching for Greater Effectiveness

Coaching for Greater Effectiveness

Developed to give leaders the skills needed to ask the right questions, encourage exploration, build trust, listen for understanding and offer effective feedback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose between Benchmarks for Managers and Benchmarks® for Executives™ for my senior leader(s)?

Benchmarks for Managers is designed for middle to upper-level managers. Benchmarks for Executives is designed for top-level executives.

Can I customize Benchmarks for Managers?

No, the assessment is standardized. Instead, consider using Benchmarks® by Design™ to choose the CCL competencies you want to assess. All of the competencies in Benchmarks for Managers are available in the Benchmarks® by Design™ library.

Can the participant’s feedback results be compared to a normative group for our industry or sector?

Yes, you can select one of 78 additional normative comparisons when you request scoring of the feedback report(s):

  • 31 sectors (e.g., banking, healthcare)
  • 22 functions (e.g., education, sales)
  • 25 countries (e.g., Brazil, China)
Do you have any 360-assessments that do not require certification?

Yes, Skillscope does not require completing CCL’s Assessment Certification Workshop.

Who receives the Benchmarks for Managers feedback reports?

CCL sends the feedback reports to the certified facilitator only.

What is the minimum number of required participants to order a Group Profile?

The minimum number is 5.