Better Culture Starts With Better Conversations

Better Culture Starts With Better Conversations

To truly understand an organization’s culture, just listen to the conversations. How people interact with one another — in the hallways, on video calls, in team meetings, even in informal chats — is the truest indicator of a company’s culture.

The effectiveness of an organization’s key business priorities like growth, innovation, and customer service are also constrained or amplified by the quality of the conversations. That’s why equipping your people to hold more effective, powerful conversations is a business imperative.

As the most basic building block of organizational culture, and something we all learn from a young age, conversation is simple — yet not easy. Having effective, efficient, and emotionally intelligent interactions doesn’t come naturally to most people. Fortunately, better conversation skills can be learned, leading to stronger relationships and better business outcomes.

In this paper, you’ll discover the 4 core behaviors that make the greatest difference in strengthening conversations, and how upgrading skills to reach a critical mass of people increases organizational effectiveness, engagement, and performance — scaling a culture change.

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April 12, 2023
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