2 thoughts on “When Coaching, Mindfulness Is Not Enough

  1. As a coach and mindfulness practitioner for over 20 years, I was concerned at the lack of depth and insight in this post. Mindfulness, which now comprises 22% of all learning interventions, was never defined or explored. “Bring their whole attention and intention to the moment and invite the light to shine through the other person” is a dated viewpoint of mindfulness. The practical and ROI measured applications of companies like Potential Project, emindful, happify.com, etc. create a very practical toolkit that can be very useful to coaching. Kevin Murnane

    1. Doug Riddle says:

      While I appreciate your concern for my lack of depth and insight, Kevin, I might draw your attention to the point of the post which was that the current faddish devotion to “mindfulness” and definitions that make it cover every possible helpful intervention ignore the broad range of states/practices/mindsets that are beneficial in coaching. I’ve nothing against “mindfulness” (have been a practicing meditator for 46 years) but i welcome distinctions that make a difference. I would welcome further dialogue with you on this. Doug

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