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Intentional Leadership at Home Tips

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Duration: 1 hour

About the Webinar

Intentional leadership doesn’t just apply when you’re at work. Strong, intentional leadership is rooted in personal values benefits you — and those around you — when you’re at home as well. And during this unprecedented time in the COVID pandemic, many of us are experiencing work and home life as one and the same.

As many professionals are struggling with the sudden collision of these 2 worlds, it’s more critical than ever to practice intentional leadership and show up each day in a way that benefits ourselves, our team members, and the people that we share a home with.

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What intentional leadership looks like, from both a personal and professional perspective;
  • How to leverage the things that inspire and motivate you and those around you;
  • Ideas for helping you and your family stay connected, engaged, and productive; and
  • Ways you can learn from the current crisis and make long-lasting changes toward more intentional leadership in the way you live and interact – both at work and at home.

Help your people develop more intentional leadership. We can partner with you to provide a customized learning journey for your leaders using our research-backed modules. Available leadership topics include Authentic Leadership, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Listening to Understand, Resilience-Building, Self-Awareness, and more.


About the Presenters

Lynn Fick-Cooper

Lynn Fick Cooper
VP & Managing Director, Societal Advancement
Center for Creative Leadership

Lynn Fick Cooper is our VP & Managing Director of Societal Advancement, where she brings more than 25 years of experience in leadership positions from a variety of organizations. Since 2007, she’s been in a full-time faculty role with us, designing and delivering leadership development programs across a variety of sectors, with a specific focus on developing nonprofit, community, and executive nurse leaders in healthcare.

Katherine Pappa

Katherine Pappa
Director of Client Solutions
Center for Creative Leadership

Katherine Pappa is our Director of Client Solutions. Since joining us in 1988, Katherine has contributed to our work in a variety of roles, including designing and delivering custom solutions and open enrollment programs. Katherine’s research interests include the changing requirements of leadership, organizational leadership development, and diversity.

Michael DePass

Michael DePass
CCL Faculty, Societal Advancement
Center for Creative Leadership

Michael DePass serves as a faculty member for us, designing and delivering transformational leadership development experiences and leading work with clients in the K-12 Education sector. As a former school leader and school network leader, Michael has particular expertise in designing and delivering leadership programs for educational leaders. Michael brings 20 years of experience leading change, designing and delivering professional development, and coaching and mentoring leaders.

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