Self-Awareness & Social Identity

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Increase Your Self-Awareness
4 Sure-Fire Ways to Boost Your Self-Awareness

Self-awareness can be challenging to develop, but your effectiveness as a leader depends greatly upon how well you understand yourself, the way others view you, and your navigation of the resulting interactions.

4 Ways That Women Can Lead Authentically
4 Ways That Women Can Lead Authentically

How can women lead authentically? Discover these 4 steps to align work and home life with your priorities and sense of self worth in order to improve both realms of your life.

Develop Leaders, Not Just Bosses
Develop Leaders, Not Just Bosses

New managers must understand the difference in being a boss vs. a leader, because their leadership effectiveness affects the success of their whole team.

Gender Equality Network logo
Developing Women Who Lead Change

This case study shows how CCL partnered with the Gender Equality Network to foster women’s leadership development in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

Foundation for Jewish Camp
Foundation for Jewish Camp Launches the Executive Leadership Institute

Learn how a national advocacy group invested in a high-caliber leadership program to further develop summer camp programs, and their leadership, as an extended community for Jewish youth.

woman talks with colleague at work representing servant leadership and how to balance self and others
How to Make Servant Leadership More Sustainable by Balancing Self & Others

Can we garner the benefits of servant leadership and do so in a sustainable way by encouraging leaders to take care of themselves first, in order to serve the team they lead more effectively?

How to Succeed as a Leader
How to Succeed as a Leader

Want to set yourself apart as a leader? Arm yourself with these 6 essential skills. A recent CCL study of 2,339 managers globally shows businesses need these 6 key qualities that their leaders presently lack.

Collaborative Crop Research Program McKnight Foundation Logo
Leveraging Leadership in Community Agriculture

Learn how CCL partnered with the McKnight Foundation to customize a leadership development program for their Collaborative Crop Research Program (CCRP) West Africa Community of Practice (CoP).

Girl Scouts
The Importance of Young Women Leaders

This paper outlines the importance of young women’s leadership in supporting girls and strengthening our communities and world.

Ravenscroft logo
Transforming K-12 Education Through Leadership Development

Learn about how Ravenscroft collaborated with the Center for Creative Leadership to develop a program to foster leadership skills in the entire school community, including students.

Understand Social Identity to Lead in a Changing World
Understand Social Identity to Lead in a Changing World

What is social identity, and how does it relate to effective leadership? Learn about this important but overlooked aspect of diversity awareness, and how to use your understanding of it to elevate equity.

Women in Cable Telecommunications logo
Women in Cable Telecommunications Celebrates 1,000th Leadership Institute Graduate

CCL partnered with Women in Cable Telecommunications to develop executive leadership training for women at senior and upper-middle management levels.

Women's Professional Forum logo
Women’s Professional Forum Foundation Helps Girls Become Lifelong Leaders

The Women’s Professional Forum partnered with CCL to develop Girls Leadership Edge, a leadership development curriculum for girls between the ages of 13 and 15.


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