Headlines from near and far declare the turmoil of our times: the European debt crisis; Middle East uprisings, power plays and transitions; the endless partisan politics that characterize the national debate in the United States, to name a few. Other challenges—from alarming levels of unemployment to climate change and energy security—threaten to divide us, even as we reach desperately for solutions.

Prominent leaders from across the globe struggle to grasp the scale and nature of these challenges. Meanwhile, businesses and organizations attempt to carve out a niche, but end up feeling boxed in or entrenched. Leaders in every arena are clamoring and often in conflict—searching for something new and better so that they can thrive, survive, and overcome division. We hear levelheaded business people asking: “Why does no one want to agree anymore?”

Across the world, we face challenges that are complex and can only be solved by building bridges across wide-ranging boundaries.

Additional Contributing Authors:

Lance Lee is a former Senior Partner at the Center for Creative Leadership, where he was involved in enterprise development and the innovation and design of advanced leadership solutions for CCL’s Organizational Leadership Practice. Lance’s experience as a leadership and organizational development strategist has spanned global clientele on four continents, including executives and senior teams from high-tech, healthcare, and finance. As an executive coach and consultant to highperformance organizations, Lance has assisted senior leaders from corporations such as Fidelity, Google, and Blue Shield to span boundaries and foster new horizons. Lance holds dual doctorates in counseling and consulting psychology from Harvard University, where he has served as both a Harvard-Larson Scholar and a Woodrow Wilson Fellow.

Chris Ernst is a former Senior Enterprise Associate with the Center for Creative Leadership. His work centers on advancing interdependent, boundary spanning leadership capabilities within individuals, organizations, and broader communities. Chris writes and presents frequently on global issues and is author of the books, Success for the New Global Manager (Jossey-Bass/Wiley) and Boundary Spanning Leadership: Six Practices for Solving Problems, Driving Innovation, and Transforming Organizations (McGraw-Hill Professional). Chris holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from North Carolina State University.


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