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How to Understand How Aspects of Social Identity Affect the Way You Work with Others

How to Understand How Aspects of Social Identity Affect the Way You Work with Others

On Demand

Duration: 30 minutes

About the Webinar

Social identities are powerful because, as humans, we categorize ourselves and each other into groups along social identity lines. Understanding the nuances of social identity can help you spot situations when actions and decisions may be rooted in unconscious bias, or when you’re unintentionally shutting down diverse perspectives.

Join us in this webinar discussion to uncover the relationship between social identity and bias, and how to shift your perspective to move past awareness to actions that help you and your organization cultivate equity, diversity, and inclusion.

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The common types of cognitive biases, and how they can affect our behavior;
  • How some aspects of social identity are more visible than others, and how that can play into stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination; and
  • 4 things to remember about social identity to help you move beyond bias and foster more equity and inclusion in your organization.

We can partner with you to create custom leadership solutions to shift mindsets, behaviors, and practices toward more equitable, diverse, and inclusive teams and organizations. Learn more about how our EDI practice can help your team better understand aspects of social identity.

About the Presenter

Noleter Miller

Noleter Miller
Leadership Solutions Partner
Center for Creative Leadership

Noleter Miller is a Leadership Solutions Partner with us, designing and delivering leadership programs for managers and all leader levels across various industries. Her focus areas include conflict; giving and receiving feedback; and Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion. Noleter has been recognized for increasing operational efficiency and quality, and she has a unique ability to understand the needs of diverse stakeholders.


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