Collaboration & Relationship Skills

10 Steps for Establishing Team Norms - Center for Creative Leadership
10 Steps for Establishing Team Norms

Before starting their work, teams should agree on team norms, a set of rules that shapes their interactions. Read 10 steps for establishing team norms.

4 Relationship Skills You Need in the Office - Building Relationship Skills at Work
4 Relationship Skills You Need in the Office

Do you need to improve your effectiveness as a leader? Whether you’re a CEO or a schoolteacher, relationship skills matter a lot. Here’s why and how leaders are building relationship skills at work.

Medical and Healthcare Services - CCL
A Prescription to Develop New Leaders in a Global Healthcare Organization

Learn how a global healthcare company partnered with CCL to create a common understanding of leadership skills with a virtual program for frontline managers.

Aligning Leadership Culture with Global Strategy

Graymont’s executive team recognized that they had to be intentional about shaping the culture and creating an organizational leadership capability.

Boost Your Interpersonal Savvy
Boost Your Interpersonal Savvy

Everyone has the capacity for interpersonal savvy — building working relationships with colleagues, superiors, and direct reports. Here’s how to boost it.

United States Forces Iraq and the United States of America Embassy logos
Boundary Spanning in a High-Pressure, High-Stakes Environment

Learn how the U.S. State Department and U.S. Department of Defense partnered with CCL to successfully implement Operation New Dawn in Iraq in 2010.

Boundary Spanning to Break Down Silos in Government
Boundary Spanning to Break Down Silos in Government

Boundary-spanning skills are essential for all leaders, especially those in government. Here’s how federal government workers can break down silos and foster collaboration.

Crowley Maritime
Developing High-Potential Talent with Virtual Leadership Training

Learn how Crowley Maritime successfully partnered with CCL to add the Frontline Leader Impact virtual experience to its leadership development initiative.

Duke University School of Nursing
Duke University School of Nursing: Leveraging Networks for Change

CCL conducted an organizational network analysis to measure and map the informal structure and relationships that support, or inhibit, change.

Focus: Healthcare in Leadership
Focus: Healthcare in Leadership

In our healthcare in leadership study, we uncover the leadership competencies most needed in the healthcare system and how well sector leaders perform those competencies.

image of 2 colleagues in meeting room on virtual call with other team members representing hybrid workforce
How Leaders Should Approach Today’s New Hybrid Workforce

Learn best practices for leading today’s hybrid workforce and how hybrid leadership can foster an inclusive environment, boost employee engagement, and drive team performance.

image of people standing on painted venn diagram representing concept of virtual collaboration
How to Improve Your Organization’s Virtual Collaboration

With remote and hybrid work on the rise, effective virtual collaboration has never been more important. Success requires more than technological solutions – don’t overlook the importance of interpersonal skill development, too.

Team Building and Collaboration at the Center for Creative Leadership
How to Lead a Collaborative Team

Why invest in team-building and collaboration? Because highly collaborative teams directly impact your organization’s productivity and bottom line.

NACCO Materials Handling Group (NMHG)
Learning to Lead in Uncertain Times with a Customized Leadership Development Initiative

Learn how one of the world’s largest lift truck manufacturers partnered with CCL to deploy a leadership development intervention for leading in uncertain times.

Managing Remote Employees: How to Lead From a Distance
Managing Remote Employees: How to Lead From a Distance

Leading from a distance is challenging, especially when teams are scattered geographically and separated culturally. Read our 5 tips for team leaders managing remote employees.

Financial Services Generic Logo
Retaining Talent by Building a More Trusting Culture

Learn how CCL partnered with a financial services company to develop a common leadership language and build a more collaborative, trusting culture.

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