Change is a monumental challenge for organizations and leaders at all levels.

Whether you’re  identifying needed changes, responding to changing situations, or implementing multiple change initiatives, leading change is a complex process.

One reason change is so hard is that no model or set of steps takes into account the unique patterns of interaction in each organization. The ways people naturally work—the informal networks—set the pattern for how change will take place.

Leaders could make better decisions and accelerate change if they could see and understand the naturally occurring, existing patterns in their organization.

Network Graphic

In this paper, we offer an approach to change that does 3 things:

1. MAPS the organization’s natural patterns of work and social interaction using advanced analytics

2. MATCHES current patterns of work to the changes organizations are trying to implement

3. MAXIMIZES success by developing targeted solutions that fit the organization’s natural patterns of work and catalyze the network to spur change

The right data paired with the right development can affect the way organizations implement change.

By mapping patterns, matching the network to the need, and targeting interventions where they will have the greatest impact, people throughout an organization are better able to understand, lead, and realize change.

Through this approach, organizations open the door to a more effective, efficient change process and build capacity for future changes. By tapping into the power of networks and data science, leaders can make real change happen—faster and more naturally.

Want to know more? Download the full white paper now! And read about how CCL helped the Duke School of Nursing utilize networks to enact change.

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