In today’s business world, change and disruption are the new normal. It’s not uncommon for companies, industries, and even the world at large to be turned upside down seemingly overnight. With the fast pace of change, adaptable leadership is no longer just an asset, it’s a necessity.

Executives who display adaptable leadership seek new and innovative ways to solve problems, master new skills, and view disruption as a challenge rather than a threat – skills needed to prevail through uncertain times.

Adaptable leadership is a term that’s used often without a concrete definition or understanding of what it is. In this white paper we’ll clarify what it means to be adaptable, and the 3 behaviors that our research at CCL has identified as critical. As a result, you’ll be able to approach adaptable leadership in a more practical way and establish a foundation for recognizing and developing the skill in yourself and others on your team.

Download this white paper to learn the qualities that define adaptable leadership and how to foster it in your organization. You can also learn more by watching our webinar, How to Foster Flexible Leadership in Times of Instability

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