Imagining Asia 2030: Future-Fluent Asian Leader

Imagining Asia 2030: Future-Fluent Asian Leader

We’re delighted to present the Imagining Asia 2030: Future-Fluent Asian Leader research study. The study is a culmination of almost 8 months of research, and presents a comprehensive point-of-view on what the future of Asia may look like, particularly the critical megatrends that will shape the continent, their impact on societies, businesses, and, most importantly, how leaders must prepare today to succeed in the future.

Asia’s economic rise has resulted in accelerated growth in goods, products, and services consumption, thereby making the region a lucrative market for global enterprises. Asia is also emerging as the biggest catchment area for talent and a hotbed for entrepreneurial activity. Analysts predict that the region could become the world’s largest economy (by GDP contribution) by 2030.

Asia is, however, changing at a rapid pace and will most certainly look very different in two decades. Key changes are already emerging — rapid advancement in technology and digitalization, evolving demographics, rapid urbanization, emerging sustainability issues, concerns around protectionism and populism, etc. Global megatrends will play out very differently in Asia as compared to the rest of the world, owing to a diverse socio-economic and cultural fabric in the region.

Business and thought leaders who spoke to us are convinced that to be successful in the next 2 decades and beyond, future-fluent Asian leaders must not only understand the implications of the current trends in the region, but also develop the right combination of mindsets and skillsets to thrive in the constant flux and to navigate numerous paradoxes and contradictions in the region.

According to Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)® research, future-fluent leaders seek out fresh perspectives, new foresights and insights, as they harness the power of data and analytics and as they prosper through constant change.

We believe that Asian leaders possess critical capabilities and building blocks to propel themselves into the future. By further fine tuning their mindsets and skillsets, learning to lead in a new work environment, and leveraging technology to their advantage, Asian leaders will stand a much better chance succeeding in 2030 and beyond. But they have to start now.

Through this research, CCL takes yet another leap in furthering the Asian leadership development agenda. We sincerely hope that the study will help organizations and Asian leaders understand critical shifts in thinking and the skills portfolio required to prepare for the future and challenges in doing so. CCL will follow this research up with a programmatic intervention and development journey crafted especially for Asian leaders to better prepare them for the future.

We take this opportunity to thank senior business leaders, academics, futurists, and government leaders who participated in the research, and helped shape the key findings of the study. Special thanks to NTUC’s U Circle of Friends, comprising C-suite leaders from large MNCs based in Singapore, who contributed in this initiative.

We hope you find Imagining Asia 2030: Future-Fluent Asian Leader study useful as well as timely as you prepare your next cadre of Asian leaders to embark on the future-fluency journey!

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October 3, 2018
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