As health and economic impacts surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continue to change on a daily basis, organizations are scrambling to pull together their best people as ‘guides’ to lead the way to a prosperous future.

Human resources and leadership functions are under immense pressure not only to develop leaders to deal with the here-and-now challenges, but also to proactively prepare organizations for the recovery. All the while, there remain myths and misconceptions around leadership development that must be debunked in order to energize the function.

The research team at the Center for Creative Leadership rolled out a survey to 248 HR leaders across Asia. The results contained in this paper reveal the leadership development challenges faced most frequently, and the biggest myths around leadership development that must be dealt with in order to prepare the next cadre of Asian leaders to take on perhaps the hardest challenge of their professional journey.

This report was created in partnership with ADP, a leading global technology company providing human capital management (HCM) solutions. 

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